Post-NYC Marathon

I’m heartsick. I’m a basket of all sorts of emotions and concerns. What is happening now is not what I had imagined even two weeks ago. I had planned to write several posts of various things, including running and races, but they all seem so trite now. I want to write a deeper, more thoughtful post of life after the election, but it will require more time than what I have now.

One of the posts that I had planned on writing was about spectating the NYC Marathon. Helly, of Helly on the Run, ran this marathon and had the race of her life. I’m so proud of her and her accomplishment. Ben and I were out cheering for our friends with our club. We made race signs poking fun at Trump. They seemed funny then. They don’t anymore. I can’t even look at them anymore. I can’t bear to post up photos of those signs.

The following Monday was the monthly PPTC meeting. I actually have to plan and work hard to get out of work early to make it to the meeting because I normally stay at work until 8 pm (and now it’s the time of year, where I stay until 9 pm). I left early, but there were several  car accidents along the way (I counted six, but I may have missed a couple), so getting back to Brooklyn took over two hours. Ben thought perhaps we shouldn’t go to the meeting because we were going to  be late, but I insisted. I wanted to hear what our friends had to say about their NYC Marathon experience.

I’m so glad that we went. As people stood up to talk about their day, almost everyone teared up as they talked about how much love they felt from everyone out on the course (including PPTC’s own East Coast Appetite). All the cheers and support from spectators and from other fellow club members along the course. How during moments of hardships, a club member would suddenly appear to urge them on. How they never felt alone. The standing ovation that they came to when they showed up at the school that our club rented for the post-race get-together. I’m not the sentimental sort, but my eyes got moist and my heart swelled with all the FEELZ because in that room, in that moment, the love was real and palpable.

I never want to forget this. Remember the love. Live in love.

18 thoughts on “Post-NYC Marathon

    • Yeah, I don’t know how anyone could have enjoyed the marathon after the election. Someone wondered aloud if this was going to be the last happy weekend in a long while and we all shushed that person because we didn’t want to think about “what if.” That what if happened.

    • I’m starting to think about how I can personally take on an activist role. I’m not comfortable with ideology and values that are being put forth and I don’t want to passively stand by and watch these things take over. It’s my America too. My values need to be reflected.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I think that this election has opened our eyes to the things that the other half the country believes in. It has made us realize that we need to take a more active role in order to avoid these kinds of situations. Good luck to us all on our next steps. 🙂

  1. I’m so there with you. I will say that it is comforting to read posts like this where I can feel good knowing that I am not alone. It is a bit surreal, and I fear when it will truly sink in. Hang in there. There’s always running and likeminded friends.

    • I was seriously traumatized by the results. I went into physical shock the next day. I texted Ben to tell him how cold I was and how much I was shaking (it took a long time to type because I kept making typos). As you say, there’s always running and likeminded friends to bolster our spirits.

  2. Great post Lil. I enjoyed holding “grab the PR by the kitty” right next to PPTCat; though I was a little shy hahaha! The political signs you made were so wonderfully cheeky. Things feel different now status post election, but don’t lose your playful spirit.

    • Let’s hope I don’t get thrown into a gulag for making fun of our president elect. There are countries out there where citizens are not allowed to say anything disparaging about their leaders. Now more than ever, 1st amendment rights are important for a democratic society.

  3. I feel you on this. I had a post in the works about this race I did and now I don’t even want to finish it, because it seems so inconsequential. But it’s also important to remember to find love and joy in things as well. I know it sounds trite but for those of us who are devastated by what’s happening, it’s also what will help us stay strong and able to keep doing the right thing.

    • We can be social justice warriors and still enjoy the small every day delights. Compassion fatigue and emotional burnout are prevalent in my line of work and my colleagues often remind us to take care of ourselves. We’re in it for the long haul and exhausting ourselves for the short term gain does not do as much good as slow steady progress.

  4. I was in absolute shock when I saw where the election was going and didn’t stay up past 10PM to watch more as I was hoping that things could and would turn around. Sadly, they did not. I hope this is one of those surreal events that despite how wrong it is, ends up bringing the masses together for better. You’re also welcome to visit me and Kobi way up north far far away from pretty much everything if you need a break. I find I forget about politics when I’m worried about being chased by wolves. Bring Bandit too. Just remember you can’t get cronuts here, but we do have a Tim Hortons and a really good health food store. I’m just kidding about the wolves – sort of.

    • I heard that being chased by bears also is good for forgetting about politics. I fell asleep that night hoping for a repeat of hanging chads or something like that to give me a glimmer of hope. I woke up and nope, still in the nightmare.

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