Summer of Sad 5Ks

Of course, after I write a post about how I’m a racer and not a trainer, I have a string of crappy races. One of my goals early this summer was to set a course PR at one of our club’s biweekly summer 5Ks in Prospect Park (Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series – AGSSS). I ran a 24:06 last year on the same course and my 5K PR is 23:13. Setting a course PR seemed very doable in my eyes.

I didn’t do every race in the summer series, but my race times were: 26:24, 24:24, & 24:51. Very disappointing. The best 5k I did all summer was the Coney Island 5K with a time of 24:14. For all three AGSSS, I got nauseated and almost threw up. The first one, I chalked it up to not being used to running in heat and humidity. The second one, I thought it was because I started out too fast (7:15 min first mile!). The third one, I asked Jay to pace me, which he heroically did, so I wouldn’t start out too fast. I felt nauseated anyway and waved him to go ahead without me. He’s such a good friend that he stayed with me, sacrificing his own time. Yeah, so I’m bummed about not meeting my summer goal.

As for marathon training, I had a lovely confidence building long tempo run yesterday (10 miles at 8:10 pace on the treadmill). I took three short water breaks (one was unintended as the treadmill suddenly stopped on me) because I needed a mental break. I can run 5 miles without much fuss on a treadmill, but anything longer, I need a break.

I kinda decided I hate the speed work that RLRF wants me to do. I haven’t been sticking to the speed work for the last few weeks and I finally admitted to myself that I wasn’t going to do them. I still do speed work, but I do what I want/like to do. I figure as long as I’m doing some kind of speed work and still getting in the overall weekly mileage, doing my own speed work isn’t going to derail marathon training. Or maybe it will . . . Who knows! We’ll see come October.

8 thoughts on “Summer of Sad 5Ks

  1. This has been a really tough summer for PR’s and speed work. At the end of my last marathon training cycle, I was running miles way faster than I ever had. I decided that after Grandma’s I would focus less on miles and more on speed work. It never happened. Too hot and too much going on. It was a tough summer. Summer of busted goals I guess!

  2. Same. I cannot with a treadmill for more than 5-6 miles in a row. If I have to go longer I try to break it up into 3-4 chunks with water breaks. Even just a minute or so is mentally refreshing.

    • I once ran on a treadmill that had a video that played different trails, so as you were running it looked like you were on the trail. The treadmill even went up and down with the inclines and declines of the trail. That was cool and I passed several miles very pleasantly that way. That was the only time I ever did a long run on a treadmill without stopping.

    • I love racing too much to stop, but I definitely look forward to the cooler fall weather.

      A long time ago (over 10 years ago), I used to be able to run over 10 miles on a treadmill. I don’t know what I was thinking. But back then, I cared more about calories burned than anything else. Such a sad way to exercise (i.e., caring about calorie burn).

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