I’m Almost Famous


We’re ready for our close-up.

Yesterday Ben and I had a different and fun day; we were extras for All Nippon Airways commercial. Two weeks ago PPTC received a request for runners who were interested in participating in a commercial about all the cool places to run in New York City. We were some of the people who were selected. Yay!

We had an early morning call – 6:15 am at Times Square. We brought a number of running clothes (no logos and as brightly colored as possible – don’t they know that New Yorkers only wear black?) and street clothes. There were two other people with us. Those people were actual actors, or at least they were people who were trying to earn a living acting. After some discussion and looking through our clothes, the crew decided that Ben and I were the runners and the other two would be pedestrians. Ben and I were playing the role of tourists who decided to run in New York City to go sightseeing (this explains why we were wearing bright colored clothes).

The shooting consisted a lot of running back and forth in different parts of Times Square. We ran (I was instructed to be behind Ben; he loved this) and they filmed the back of our heads. Then we got a GoPro camera on a selfie stick and instructed to run it while pretending that we were excited to see Times Square for the first time. Finally they gave us one of the crew’s smart phone and we took a bunch of selfies. They told us to be creative, which stumped us because we don’t know how to be creative with these things. The most creative thing we could come up with was me sitting on top of New York’s finest garbage bins (in doing research, I just learned that it was a “smart” solar-powered garbage bin).

The whole thing took about 90 mins and we got paid $100 each and fed breakfast. The commercial is supposed to be done around September.

pepsiThis isn’t the first time that I’ve been in an international commercial. Several years ago I was in an Australian Pepsi Max commercial (you can see the commercial in the link; I show up in the background from 19-21 second marks). All I did was run around as if it was the end of the world. It took all day for film this segment of the commercial (the interior segment was done another day). I find it amusing that both commercials that I’ve been in involved running. There you have it, I’m an international superstar. LOL!

Nerd NiteWhile I’m on this topic of “being famous,” last fall the organizer of Nerd Nite, a monthly comedic lecture series asked me to redeliver my talk, “Hot or Not,” which is on how to use scientific data to become more physically attractive. The main purpose of Nerd Nite is to entertain while giving information, so the mini-lectures tend to be light-hearted and funny. The talk is always well-received. A guy from the audience told me that he had gone out the next day to go buy a red tie to wear on dates after hearing that wearing red makes you more attractive.

At one of the Wednesday night 5Ks that PPTC hosts, a new member who was volunteering with me thought I looked familiar. I shrugged and thought that he probably had seen me around the neighborhood. He was assigned to do sweep, so he went off on his bike to see how many runners were still out on the course. I worked with another volunteer to make sure that runners ran through the chute and non-runners were kept out of the chute and then we helped break down the finishers area when the race was over. The guy came back and said one of the funniest (or creepiest) thing to me, “I’m about to ask you a question where either I’m right or it’s really creepy, but do you own a red dress?”

I cracked up laughing and affirmed that I did indeed own a red dress. He had seen me at Nerd Nite last fall. We had a good laugh over how he asked the question. This was the first time that anyone recognized me from anything that I’ve done like this.

I’m (almost) famous. How are you (almost) famous?

14 thoughts on “I’m Almost Famous

  1. it was my birthday, I turned 12 and got a super nintendo for my birthday. It was a good day! When does the commercial come out??

  2. also is there a podcast for the talk? I want to scientifically become hot. If it means I have to dress in red jumpsuits all the time i’ll do it!

    • I was told the commercial would be ready in September. Sadly there is no podcast, but my advice can be summarized as: 1) have good looking friends, 2) wear red, 3) you’ll appear more attractive if people walk up to you, rather than you walking up to them, 4) you’ll appear more attractive late at night, 5) have a good personality.

      You definitely have the good personality in spades and PPTC is a good looking crew. 🙂

  3. PPTC singlets are red. My friends are all really really good looking. How about that! I was following your program without even realizing it LMAO 😀

  4. I love this, lol!!

    When Ben and I got married in his hometown (in Mexico), a magazine attended our wedding and they did a 3 page spread of it and put us on the cover. It isn’t a huge magazine but just one about “society” in the city.

  5. This is awesome. I laughed out loud about New Yorkers and black. Sounds like a fun experience. And I love the comment about them at least being actors trying to make a living. Haha.

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