Week 5 of Run Less, Run Faster

I can’t believe I completed 5 weeks of training already! Time is flying by.

Monday (speed: 3×1600 @7:03): I completed this on a treadmill (6:49, 6:54, 6:51). On a treadmill, I try to complete the runs in a pace that’s 15-20 seconds faster so that the exerted effort would be equivalent to doing out on a road. I was a bit slower, but still, I was pleased with this workout.

Wednesday (tempo: 2 miles easy, 3 miles 7:36, 1 mile easy): The planned tempo went nicely with the biweekly 5K that Prospect Park Track Club puts on. I was planning on running with another club member, but I got too excited in the first mile (up a hill!), so I burned myself out on the later miles. I finished the 5K in 24:24. I ran hard, but I could have done better.

Thursday (extra): As a penance, I ran 1.5 miles @7:30 pace.

Friday (extra): I wanted to see if I could stick to the RLRF’s tempo pace for 2 miles, so I ran again. Two miles @7:36. Boom!

Saturday (long: 18 miles @9:12): 16.1 miles @11:00. NYC is roasting right now. There’s a heat dome all weekend long. NYRR emailed stating that the planned long run of 20 miles was going to cut down to 15 miles because of the heat advisory. Ben’s tri that’s tomorrow will also shortened. Running in the heat and humidity felt awful. I ran easy because I wanted to put in as many miles as I could. I actually bought a popsicle to eat during one of my walking breaks because I desperately needed to cool down my body temperature. I finished the second lap at 11 miles and NYRR had closed down the course, so I couldn’t officially do 15 miles with them. So I completed the rest on my own, which was fine. I shortened the planned run because I couldn’t go any farther. It was hot. I was done.

While I’m fine with how I ran this long run, I am a little bummed about how my long runs have been going so far. They’ve been slow. But I am heartened by the fact that the long run paces have been getting faster, even though the temperature has been increasing. I’m adapting to the heat.

8 thoughts on “Week 5 of Run Less, Run Faster

  1. I’ve just ordered Run Less, Run Faster! I’ve already decided to try to incorporate the whole idea into my training plan, but it’s actually way harder than I expected. Every training session really has to count, and I swear I’m finding it more difficult than running 5 times per week. I need your help! How did you get used to it? x

  2. Hey Pippa, I naturally prefer to run harder for a shorter duration so RLRF was a good fit for me. Did you buy the book or the app? My workouts come from the app (it was 2.99 last year) because the paces can be adjusted more finely to my current level of fitness. Last year, I had a harder time hitting the paces for the speedwork, but could hit the tempo and long run paces fine. I decided that I was okay with that, and adjusted my expectations for my marathon time. Also relatively speaking, I’m a weaker runner at the marathon distance compared to how well I do over shorter distances. For example, my 5K PR predicts a much better marathon time than what I’m capable of, so I adjust for that too. If you have other questions, feel free to email me at afastpacedlife@gmail.com.

  3. I’m not super familiar with RLRF – it seems as if everyone is doing Hanson’s right now LOL! – but no easy runs? I assume they value quality over quantity? Do you do extra cross-training? Just curious – right now we’re 100F most days but 20-30% humidity so it doesn’t feel quite as horrendous out east.

    • Yup, Hanson’s is popular, but I can’t stomach the idea of running every day. RLRF is all about intensity/quality over high mileage, which is what I like. I’m supposed to do cross-training, but I don’t do it regularly.

  4. Re: FIRST speedwork… I find their recovery intervals even worse than the speed intervals. 60 second RI between 1 mile repeats??? That’s just torture. I usually go for longer recoveries for their mile repeats, like 2-2.5 min (1 full lap around the track, or .25 miles on the treadmill).
    Btw, I’m revisiting FIRST myself as I train for the Newport Half in September. I always found their program ideally suited to the shorter races.
    Good luck!

    • Thanks! I don’t stress over following the training plan exactly; I adapt it to make it suit my needs. The intense summer heat this year is making the long runs tougher than usual.

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