Week 4 of Run Less, Run Faster

IMG_6887 (1)

Track Attack!

Tuesday (speed: 5 x 1000 @4:17 with RI 400): For this workout, I went to the track in Wingate Park. It’s a nice little track of .2 mile. The distance is unusual, but I’m grateful to have a track nearby. When I saw the week’s speed workout, I knew the track would be perfect. Three laps was just under 1000 meters. I completed the intervals  in 4:17, 4:17, 4:19, 4:25, & 4:21. Pretty good in my opinion!

Thursday (tempo: 1 mile easy, 4 miles @7:51, 1 mile easy): As usual I skip the warm up and cool down miles. I ran two laps of the lower loop at Prospect Park for 4 miles @7:51. It was a pretty warm morning at 79 degrees with 84% humidity. I took a quick short break in the middle of the tempo so I wouldn’t completely keel over.

Saturday (long: 20 miles @ 9:27): Despite the fact that Garmin says the weather on Saturday was 77 degrees with 65% humidity, it was actually a lot warmer while I was running. Despite an early start to the run, I knew I was going to complete my first 20-miler of the year in true NY summer temperature. I threw out any idea of hitting the pace and made my only goal to survive the mileage. I had to complete all 20 miles no matter how long it took. My pace was slow and easy (@11:31) and I took as many breaks as I needed and however long I needed. It took forever to complete the run, but I did it. That’s all that matters right now.

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