Week 3 of Run Less, Run Faster

Monday: (extra run) I went to the gym to do the speed work, but once I got there, I didn’t feel like doing them. I shouldn’t wuss out because of heat since Helly does tempo runs in triple degree weather, but I’m not Helly.  I did a one-mile warm up and then another mile consisting of short fast intervals (9-10 mph) with walking breaks. Two miles total.

Tuesday: (extra run & speed work) 4.2 miles @ 9:59, Nell texted the night before to see if I wanted to run with her. Since I hadn’t seen her in ages, I agreed quickly to go out to Long Island early to run with her. It was a fun to do a short easy run with her. We chatted and got caught up in each other’s lives. We realized that we hadn’t seen each other in several months, so we promised to do a long run together before Steamtown.

Later in the afternoon, I attempted the planned speed work (plan: 1200 @5:13, 1000 @4:18, 800 @3:24, 600 @2:32, 400 @1:40). I ended up doing 0.5 mile @6 mph, 0.75 mile @9.1/9.0 mph, 0.37 mile @9.1 mph, 0.25 mile @9.5 mph, 0.31 mile @9.1 mph, 0.37 mile @9.3 mph, 0.25 mile @9.3 mph, and 0.25 mile @9.5 mph. I didn’t do the exact workout that RLRF prescribed. I couldn’t summon up the energy to 1000 and 800 meters after I ran the first interval.

Saturday: (tempo: 1 mile warm up, 5 miles @8:06, 1 mile cool down) I’m disappointed with this run. I ran 2.5 miles @8:07 pace, but had to stop short because of cramps again. This was the third run that got interrupted by cramps. I’m not sure what’s going on. It’s not GI-related as I did the same eating/fueling/drinking that I do for all my runs. Plus the cramps are more in the abdominal region and feel similar to period-related cramps, but it’s not that. I stopped and walked for a bit until they went away. Then I ran another mile @8:19.

Sunday: (long run: 17 miles @9:12) 17 miles @9:09! I really needed this confidence-boosting run. I was wondering/worrying that perhaps my goal for Steamtown was too ambitious. I left the house around 6:40 am. I ran from my house to Prospect Park, the main loop inside the park, then to the waterfront, up to Brooklyn Bridge Park, and then I retraced my steps back.

Total mileage: 29.8 miles

I finished my run at Prospect Park and walked my usual way home. I texted Ben because he wanted to take Bandit out and meet me. After some minutes we both ran into a problem. The street was cordoned off by the police. Apparently there had been a shooting (this is the third one around this location since we moved here) a few blocks away from our home. Fortunately, no one other than the shooter was injured; the shooter was injured by the police when he refused to stand down. I shuddered when I found out the shooting happened 40 minutes after I ran by that area.

It  was unsettling knowing that this happened not only close to where we live, but relatively soon after I ran by. There have been a number of times when we actually have been in that area at that exact same time because we decided to stop by the pie bakeshop to grab a muffin or a biscuit to snack on while walking Bandit in the park.

I am deeply saddened by the recent events that have been happening in the US. During the long run, I tried to articulate my inchoate thoughts about institutional racism. When I encountered the aftermath of the shooting, I immediately wondered if this was another instance of senseless shooting. Based upon what I read, I am confident that the police handled the situation appropriately.

There’s a crisis in the US. We need to resolve this.

12 thoughts on “Week 3 of Run Less, Run Faster

  1. It must feel very jarring to have that happen so close to home. I feel like white privilege is so starkly obvious and it’s a little astonishing that some people just refuse to see it.

    • I know someone who has only recent began to understand her own white privilege. Much of the original explanation of white privilege was also conflated with class privilege, which was something that she did not identify with since she grew up fairly poor, plus she got defensive because she mistakenly thought she was supposed to feel guilty and bad for being born white.

      • Yeah, class vs race is an important distiction. And I want to say there’s evidence that white people enjoy more upward mobility than people of color so even those white people who grow up in poverty have better odds of climbing out. I guess we just all have to try as hard as we can to have empathy and listen when others talk about their struggles.

      • I agree with upward mobility being correlated with ethnicity. But it can be difficult for some White people to see their privilege if the example given is that Bob the White Man got his job because his father plays golf with the CEO of a Big Corporation, rather than saying Bob is seen as being more capable than Tyrone even though they have the same credentials and experience.

        What struck me about my friend’s growth was how she gave credit to her liberal friends who did not give up on her (fyi, not me) and kept on talking to her about these issues for years until she finally understood. It’s important to talk to people who disagree with you. Even if you don’t succeed in changing their minds, it helps you to develop a more nuanced understanding of the issues that are important to you. So as much as their rants can rile me up on FB, I keep them as my friends.

    • My neighborhood is going through a bit of an identity crisis because of gentrification. I’m a bit unnerved by what has happened, but I’m hopeful that the neighborhood is on an upturn. Only in NYC can you have an area with houses worth well over a million dollars and have it still be a high crime ‘hood. Twenty years ago, a different neighborhood went through the exact same thing and now it’s one of the safest areas in Brooklyn.

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