Week 2 of Run Less, Run Faster

Monday: (Speed Plan 4 x 800 @3:24 with RI 2 min) Actual 4 x 800 (9.2 mph, 9.1 mph, 9.0 mph, 8.9 mph) with walking breaks. I went to the treadmill for this run in order to give myself the best chance at hitting this workout. I did pretty well, except the last interval was too slow. When I do treadmill workouts, I adjust the paces so that the effort exerted is equivalent to the road (this means 15-20 seconds faster per mile). As usual, the breaks are longer than what’s in the plan; I will always take longer breaks. I need more time than the average person to recover.

Tuesday: 1 hour of vinyasa yoga

Thursday: (Tempo Plan 1 mile easy, 5 miles @8:27, 1 mile easy). Actual 5 miles @8:06 on treadmill. Nailed it! In order to alleviate the boredom of running on the treadmill I varied the speed on the treadmill between 7.1 to 7.5 mph.

Friday: 1 hour of vinyasa yoga

Saturday: (Long Plan: 15 miles @9:12) 15 miles @9:34. I woke up early and took the subway for a long hour-plus ride up to 125th St. on the Upper East Side to do my run. For long runs, I prefer to go out and run back home. Psychologically I find it easier, but it does mean that I have a long commute. The first 10 miles went really well and I was easily running between 9:00-9:15 pace. Things were going well. Then I started cramping again. Unlike the previous week, where I cut my run short, I ran through the cramps. I wasn’t cramping enough that I had to stop, but it did hamper my speed. I slowed down a ton, hence the slow overall pace. I’m not sure what has been causing the cramps. I’m eating fine during the week. I’m fueling on my runs. It’s been warm enough lately that I assume that I’ve acclimated to the heat.

Total Mileage: 23 miles

6 thoughts on “Week 2 of Run Less, Run Faster

  1. Love the update! I’m on week 8 of my RLRF plan! I’ve been cramping up at the beginning of my runs, my guess was the heat too. Usually I can run through it though and it will go away after a few miles. Keep it up!

  2. Nice week! I’m on week 2 of RLRF and have my 15 miler tomorrow morning. I haven’t found too many other bloggers who use RLRF, but I’m always excited when I do.

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