This Vermont Life

VT farmWe may get used to this. We’re doing a farm stay in Vermont this weekend. We missed the blazing heatwave that struck this area last week, but don’t worry, Colby, it’s gonna rain cats and dogs tomorrow for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon.

This race has been on my bucket list for a while, so I’m excited to do it. I just wish there would be nicer weather tomorrow. We drove a part of the course today (by accident, we missed a turned and then all of a sudden I realized we were on the race course because I saw the mile markers). It looks to be a beautiful course with a nasty hill at around Mile 8. Yippee /sarcasm.

We left Brooklyn in the morning for our long drive up. We stopped at Brattleboro, VT for lunch at Top of the Hill Grill for BBQ. We discovered this place last year. They have a beautiful outdoor patio that’s dog-friendly, so Bandit got to enjoy lunch with us. I always order the jambalaya (so spicy!) and Ben got the brisket because they were out of burnt ends. If you’re ever in Brattleboro, we recommend going to this place.

French toastWe staying on a 21-acre vegetable farm in Royalton. The family who owns this place is very sweet and we were welcomed with farm fresh eggs in the refrigerator. Those eggs got turned into French toast with the stale Brooklyn Challah that we brought up with us. Making French toast while on vacation is a tradition that we have (hence, the stale bread being driven a couple hundred miles). We topped the French toast with homemade strawberry jam. DEEEELICIOUS!!!!

After breakfast, we walked down to the field to say hello to the two horses (seen in above photo) and to let Bandit loose. She loves romping freely among the tall grass. She smiled so broadly at us. She chased after butterflies, played keep away with Ben, and was a fearless puppy explorer as we waded through the overgrown blades of grass. At some points, the grass was so high, they completely covered Bandit and we could only tell where she was by the movement of the grass blades.

pizza hikeThen we went to Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park to celebrate National Trails Day with Taste to Trek. There were a number of short guided hikes or you could do them on your own. We did the 2.5 mile round trip hike to Nordic Hut because we were promised there was pizza at the top of the hill. Yes, there was fresh wood-fired pizza made with local ingredients by middle school students who were there to tell you all about invasive species and food. My favorite pizza was the garlic mustard pesto pizza. We learned that garlic mustard is an invasive species and if you see them in VT, you should kill them or eat them. They make a pretty tasty pesto.

Cabot Creamery was also there to provide free samples of VT cheddar cheese. There was also slices of apple, water, and ice tea for us hikers. It was a fantastic event.

We napped all afternoon and then went to the Covered Bridges Pre-Race Pasta dinner ($18). The dinner was all right. The pasta was slightly overcooked and mushy and the meat sauce needed more meat, but it was all you can eat and the salad bar was very nice and fresh and the dessert bar (homemade brownies and cookies) were delicious. A fun folk band played music outside, so after we ate, we grabbed some dessert and enjoyed it outside.

Now we’ll need to go to bed soon because we have a half marathon tomorrow. I hope the rainstorm is delayed by two hours. I don’t want to run in the rain again.

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