The State of Elle

This post is going to be a bit of verbal diarrhea of various thoughts I’ve had the past few months. I suppose if I had more time I could sit down and compose a proper post for few of the thoughts, but I’m already behind on so many posts that I rather do instead.

  • It’s April and I still have bronchitis. It sucks, but it is mostly better now. The lingering cold winter air isn’t great for my lungs, but I’m no longer hacking up my innards the way I was in January and February. Still I’ve had three months of bronchitis so far (going on Month 4!!!!), and I’m tired of it. Go away.
  • I had a fantastic week of training this past week. Ever since we came back from from our honeymoon in January, I slowly added the miles and speed into my training. There were several weeks of slow sub-10 mile weeks, but I didn’t care all that much. My focus was on getting better. This past week, I was able to complete speed and tempo work outs close to my old level of fitness prior to getting bronchitis, so I was elated. I feel that soon I’ll begin making gains.
  • Work is stressful. There’s a lot going on (more than the usual I have a lot of work going on type of stuff). The stress is taking a toll on my body, hence the lingering bronchitis and the mild to moderate back  pain that I suffer. My health problems are totally psychosomatic. When we were on vacation at Turks & Caicos, they went away without a trace. As soon as I came back to work, wham! Coughs and pain. Ben keeps reminding me that I only need to hold on for a few more weeks.
  • Ben and I recently joined Strava. We’re both kinda hooked on Strava’s Flyby feature, which allows you to see where other runners were as you’re running along. The fact that Ben is on Strava is UNBELIEVABLE. He is not on any other form of social media.
  • Nell and I independently decided to do Steamtown in October. We’re both thrilled that we’re doing this and plan on training together over the summer.
  • Nell is one of my favorite running partners and friend. She’s a great running partner because she’s usually just a bit faster than me, except now she’s kicking my @ss. I see all her workouts on Strava. I spent the first couple of days on Strava pouring over Nell’s activity. If I were the sort who had low self-esteem, I’d feel bad by comparing my workouts to hers. I can’t imagine waking up as early as she does to go run. I make jokes to Ben wailing about how Nell is getting away from me, but in reality I’m super happy that she’s running so well and improving so much as a runner.
  • Because of Strava, I wake up in the morning at 6 am and mumble to Ben, “Nell’s out there running right now.” I contemplate also waking up, getting dressed, and going out to run. I then look at the weather report on my IPhone. I see the temperature. I think it’s an excellent time to continue snoozing in a warm cozy bed instead.
  • And this is the difference between Nell and me.
  • I’m okay with this.
  • I got a new running boyfriend.  When we lived in Hoboken, I used to run with MC because we ran the exact same pace in absolute silence. He and I both don’t like to talk while we run. We don’t care if other people talk, but neither of us like to talk ourselves. The silence drives Ben nuts. He used to ask me over and over again what we would talk about when I ran with MC.
    “Nothing,” I answered.
    “Nothing? You can’t mean nothing. You have to talk about something.”
    “Well, at the beginning of the run we both said we didn’t like talking. Then we ran in stoic silence.”
    “For the entire five miles, you guys didn’t say a word?”
    “Yup! It was WONDERFUL!!!!”
    Last year we moved away from Hoboken and then a few months later MC and his wife did too, so that was the end of our running relationship. At PPTC, I found a new guy that I like to run with because his easy pace is my tempo pace, so it works out well to have him as my pacer. I jokingly refer to him as my running boyfriend. Thankfully Ben gets my sense of humor and takes this all in good fun.
  • If you’re wondering why Ben doesn’t simply pace me, he does when we’re running by ourselves. The PPTC group runs are opportunities for him to have company while he’s doing his harder faster runs, so we prefer to run with different people for the group runs.
  • I’m starting to get to know more people in the Prospect Park Track Club, so the social gatherings and group runs are more fun now. I dislike being new to a group. I feel so socially awkward when everyone knows each other (or it feels like everyone knows each other). You’d think by now I’d be over feeling socially awkward, but nope. . . still there.
  • After all these years, I finally lost it on the beach at Turks & Caicos. Get your mind out of the gutter. I lost my first toenail. Ironically I lost a toenail AFTER I finished marathon training. I injured toenail after Wineglass and it finally fell off a couple weeks ago.
  • I also got my first blood blister on my right foot (same one as the toenail loss) yesterday. Runner’s feet =/ sexy feet.
  • I hide my right foot from Ben because I’m self-conscious about how “deformed” I think it is. He reminds me that he doesn’t have a foot fetish and that he doesn’t care. I care. I don’t let him see my right foot.
  • This is all I have for now. I’ll probably remember from other random thoughts as I drive home tonight.

10 thoughts on “The State of Elle

  1. I loved this post. Gosh, I hope you continue to get better. What a bummer. I wish I was more of a morning person. But sadly, the baby keeps me up and so does my nightly glass of wine. And I’m okay with that too 🙂 Healing vibes and continued great training!

    • Thanks. I added a couple other bullet points about my foot that I belatedly remembered.

      I’m neither a morning or a night person. I’m strictly a middle of the day person. My most productive hours are between 10 am and 2 pm. Ben’s a morning person (but even he draws a line at waking up at 5 to go out running by 5:40). The fact that I now regularly wake up by 7, 7:30 is a victory for me.

  2. Being a new to a group can be awkward. No matter how long I’ve been in a particular group, I always feel like the newbie… that is, until someone even NEWER joins. lol 🙂

  3. I’m glad you put all of this into one post. It cracked me up! I’m SO EXCITED to hear that you chose Steamtown! I haven’t run it, but I know so many people who have had positive experiences with it. Great pick. Your description of you running with your running boyfriend is HILARIOUS. I do like to talk during some runs, but many times I appreciate running with someone in stoic silence 🙂

    And dude. That bronchitis. NOT OKAY. I am so sorry to hear you are STILL struggling with it!

    • Ben did Steamtown a few years ago (he had to DNF because of an injury), so I saw a part of the course. It looked really cool and it’s the type of race that I like, smaller and low key.

      Ben loves to talk so much that he had a hard time understanding that talking was the last thing I want to do while running and that it’s possible for people to be quiet for so long.

      During races if I’m running hard, I’ll occasionally eavesdrop on conversations that people are having just to keep my mind off the effort.

  4. That is horrible having bronchitis that long. I feel for you. I was embarrassed of my feet when I went to see the physiotherapist and he probably sees a lot of hideous feet. Mine are hideous. I never ever ever leave the house without nail polish on my toes, they are a wreck and I think the purple polish hides them pretty good. Likely is just draws attention to all the other foot issues I have.

    • re: toenail
      Ben’s already seen it several times when I was unaware. He says it looks fine and barely noticeable.

      Maybe because it’s my first one, I’m so self-conscious about it. I know I shouldn’t be, but I am . . .

      Thanks for visiting. I’m a fan of your blog.

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