PPTC Pi(e) Run

Eat pie

I shall eat pie.

I’ve been quieter than usual because I’m drowning in work. A lot has been going on the past month and last week was the heaviest work week this year. I’m still not out of woods yet, but at least I’ll be going on vacation next week. I desperately need sleep. No sleep IN Brooklyn for me.

Last Sunday, March 13th, the Prospect Park Track Club celebrated Pi Day a day early. I’m not complaining. I love me some pie. Every once in a while the club will host a fun themed run, which draws out a large crowd. This Pi(e) Run was a 4.5 – 4.75 mile run from Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, over Manhattan Bridge, to our destination, Petee’s Pie Co in the Lower East Side.

As usual with group runs, we started running and naturally fell into a group that was running a comfortable pace for you. Ben and Bandit ran with the first group of faster runners. I ran with the second or third group. I’m not a fun person to run with because I don’t like talking when I’m running. I’m happy to listen to people talk, but aside from giving quick answers, I’m pretty much a mute. The actual running pace was around 8:30, but we stopped a lot for lights and other runners, so the overall pace was pretty slow (11:14). I usually don’t stop my Garmin when running because the race clock never stops and there’s a big difference between running 8:30 continuously and running 8:30 with breaks. I feel not stopping the watch is a more honest reflection of the work out.

Petee's PiesFinally we reached our destination – Petee’s Pie Co! PPTC generously bought freshly baked pies for everyone. Several different pies (chocolate cream, sour cherry, blueberry, Key lime, maple whiskey walnut) were bought and shared among members. I got to taste the chocolate cream and Key lime. Ben got blueberry. The pies were delicious! I loved the chocolate cream (so rich). The Key lime pie was deliciously tart. Ben loved the blueberry pie. We all stood around and ate pie, while saying, “Mmmmm!” Thankfully the weather was mild (in the mid-50s) so we didn’t mind standing outside.

Poor Bandit looked at us with beseeching eyes because she also wanted some pie. She took advantage of someone having a slight spill to quickly gulp down some crust before it got picked up. So Bandit got pie too.

Want pie

Do you want some pie?

Pie Window

Who wants pie?

Pie Group Photo

Say Pie!

After we finished eating, people split up. Some people ran back to Brooklyn while others decided to take the subway after filling their bellies. Ben, Bandit, and I opted to walk back leisurely. It was a lovely sunny Sunday morning. Before going home, we stopped at a BBQ joint to have some meat to counter all the sweetness we ate.

This year’s Pi Day went much better than last year when Ben decided that he was going to be a Pi-rate. I prefer pies over pirates.

Did you celebrate Pi Day with pie? What’s your favorite pie? 


10 thoughts on “PPTC Pi(e) Run

  1. What a cool group run. I’m happy Bandit got to run along and eat pie too. I haven’t eaten pie in ages, mostly because I haven’t made one and the grocery store ones are kind of gross. My mom makes an amazing apple pie so I’d have to say my fav is her apple pie!

  2. Oh my gosh, you have THE COOLEST running group ever. I wish I did a Pi Day run!!! How cool is that? Also, every single pie you listed sounded out of control AWESOME. I would have loved a sample of that maple whiskey walnut. Holy. Geezzzzz. I was reading and wondering if you continued running afterwards and was glad to see you leisurely walked. I think if I tried to eat pie and run, there would be a serious bathroom issue happening!!!! TMI. Sorry.

  3. What a fun run! I do stop my watch at stop lights because I know that I won’t be stopping at any lights in a race and I like knowing what my total running pace is–but everyone has their ways 🙂 Hope you get some sleep soon!!

    • I slept in until 7:30 today. It was glorious. I’m still really sleep deprived though. I drank three cups of coffee today. I can’t wait until this week is over. Then a week of vacation. I soooooo need this break.

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