Pip, Pip, Hooray for Pipcorn!

PipcornGo out and buy Pipcorn RIGHT NOW!!!!!

A colleague gave me a bag of Pipcorn and it was love at first taste! I can’t get enough of the wonderful flavor and delicate texture of the Pipcorn’s popcorn. The Kettle bag is lightly sweet and salty. Usually I find snacks too sweet or too salty. Pipcorn isn’t. It’s absolutely perfect.

And that’s bad for me because I can plow down a bag in a half hour and then scarf down another one. I can’t wait to try the other flavors.

Pipcorn is made from mini popcorn. The hull is thinner and more delicate than regular popcorn, so mini popcorn is hull-less. This means no hard popcorn stuck in your teeth. Pipcorn is vegan and gluten free. Pipcorn is made in small batches and seasoned by hand.

The origin story of the company is pretty great. They’re a brother-sister team in Brooklyn. They got started when Jen, the sister, popped some popcorn given to her by a local farmer. Because of her dietary restrictions, she can’t eat many things but her stomach could handle the mini popcorn. They both thought it was great. They created Pipcorn and sold the product in farmers market in NYC. They went on Shark Tank, where they made a deal, and now their products can be found all over the United States.

I’m completely head over heals crazy about Pipcorn. I can’t stop thinking about them when I’m not eating them. Pipcorn is really crack corn.

Why are you still reading this? Go OUT AND BUY PIPCORN!!!!!!!

12 thoughts on “Pip, Pip, Hooray for Pipcorn!

  1. As someone with a terrible weakness for salty snacks I am so torn on this. On one hand I’m sure I would love this and inhale the whole bag, but on the other hand….I’m sure I would love this and inhale the whole bag. LOL

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