Williamsburg Street Art Run

BK Art Run
Yesterday Ben and I joined RunStreet, an organization that hosts free runs throughout New York City. Someone from the Prospect Park Track Club posted RunStreet’s art run in Williamsburg on the club’s Facebook page. This got a few of us to head north to Williamsburg to run and see street art.

It was a fun 4-mile run. The pace was pretty slow. When we ran, it was about a 9 min pace, but the overall pace was 12+min plus because of all the stopping for the murals. There is a ton of murals all over Williamsburg and it was cool to see some of them. Some of the murals had political messages, such as the effects that inequality has on communities and access to resources and food security. I really appreciate seeing how art can have a powerful impact on a community, as an expression of their concerns and as a call to action.





We tried to get a jumping photo of the PPTC. 

There was a handful of us from PPTC to represent. Another reason why I wanted to go was to have a chance to meet more people from the club. My goal is one day to go to a club event and actually know someone. Right now, I’m still very much in the try to meet people stage. We went out to brunch to Sweet Chick afterward with a PPTC member and her friend. Over brunch of fried chicken and waffles we tried to convince him to join our cult.

18 thoughts on “Williamsburg Street Art Run

  1. There are usually post-race drinks later in the afternoon/evening after the NYC Half; you’ll meet lots of people there! Also make sure you get a singlet by then so those of us at the PPTC cheer zone can spot you as you go by 🙂

  2. If you like the cultural context of murals, have you seen “Art of Conflict?” Its a documentary about the murals in Northern Ireland and really good. Its on Netflix. 🙂

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