On Making Comparisons: Your Mileage May Vary

When I read this post on Salty Running, I jumped up and yelled, “Hallelujah!” It’s really easy to fall into the trap of comparing your mileage and work outs to everyone else’s, particularly when people reward you for tons of mileage on social media. I loved the message in Tea’s (aka Teal Burrell) post about how the best mileage is the one that works for you.

Without further ado . . .


This week, I posted my first training log with a little bit of hesitation. You might look at my training and think it’s a lot. But sadly, I look at it and think it doesn’t compare to what my peers …

Source: On Making Comparisons: Your Mileage May Vary

3 thoughts on “On Making Comparisons: Your Mileage May Vary

  1. I was just saying this with IrishRunnerchick. She said she needs to really up her mileage for training because she sees that people run much more mileage than her. I pointed out that I read an article once that said you should take the mileage people say they run and assume that is their max mileage at the peak of their training. Also, every runner has their own limits. I used to think I needed to run 70 miles per week and that lead to injuries. I’m currently training for a marathon and my peak is around 50-60 per week and I know that is way more than many people use or prefer. Most of the plans I write for people average 30-40 per week and they have great results. There is really no way to compare.

    • It’s hard to not feel the pressure to up the mileage because there’s glorification of high mileage. I did low mileage training for most of my running “career” and the main feedback I got some most runners was that I should run more miles so that I could become faster. If you keep hearing the same message over and over, it’s hard not to succumb to peer pressure.

      • As a coach I have to disagree with that feedback. Speed work makes you faster. If your goal is to do many fulls, extra mileage in the form of some longer, slower runs will assist in full training. You know your body and what it/you need 😉

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