Prospect Park Track Club

PPTCWe finally joined the Prospect Park Track Club (PPTC) a couple days ago.

This time last year we knew we were going to move to Brooklyn in 2015 as soon as the house we bought was liveable (we bought a real fixer-upper). We were excited about the new chapter in our lives. I was looking forward to a shorter commute to work and living back in my beloved New York City. I know there are people who really love New Jersey (Ben is one of them), but I am not one of them. We were looking forward to getting to know our neighborhood, exploring new restaurants and bars, and hanging out in Prospect Park.

One of the few things that I miss about our old home in Hoboken was our running club. Our friends were members and I relied on the weekly runs to see them regularly. Obviously we don’t see them as much anymore and I missed the weekly social gathering and running. We were committed to finding another running club to call home. In NYC there’s no shortage of running clubs; you have everything from the elites/sub-elites (New York Athletic Club) to run/walker groups.

While we were looking for a club to join, we had a few requirements:

  1. It had to be close to us. We didn’t want a long commute to get to a weekly run. We like convenience.
  2. We wanted to be in the middle of the pack in terms of speed. We didn’t want to be the fastest runners, nor did we want to be the slowest runners in the group. We like being with faster runners who push us to become faster, but we also don’t want to be the ones who get dropped all the time either.
  3. Membership had be to cheap. Our Jersey City running club was free. We don’t mind paying fees, but we don’t want our hobby to cost us even more than it already does. $100 annual fee? Sorry, you’re out.
  4. We wanted a social running group that was also serious about running. Or was it that we wanted a serious running group that was also social? Basically we wanted to be in a group of runners who took running seriously and interested in improving and running fast, and also wanted to hang out and be social. There’s nothing wrong with running groups that only care about being social or groups that are just focused on getting faster, but those aren’t for us.

PPTC was one of the first clubs we checked out and we figured out pretty quickly that this was the club for us. We already knew a couple of the members (and I got to know two more). We’ve done a few of their races this past summer and those were fun. Over the summer we were gone a lot, so we figured there wasn’t much point to joining because we were going to miss a lot. Then came fall and we were gone pretty much every weekend because of races. Finally the time was right (mostly because December 1st the last day to pre-register for the February PPTC Cherry Blossom 10-miler and Ben wanted the PPTC membership discount) and we joined.


15 thoughts on “Prospect Park Track Club

  1. Best thing I ever did was join a running club, especially one that had the right bkend of serious running and sociability. I am now faster and more sociable than I have ever been.

  2. Congrats on joining the track club! We have a road runners club in our area, but I’ve never joined. I have considered it. Maybe in 2016! I am curious – you mentioned you lived in Hoboken and were part of a running club. Is that the club with the cute HoHa shirts?? My friend is in that club and it looks like such a great group!

    • The HoHas is one of the running clubs, but we belonged to the Jersey City Runners. Because of where our building was located (right at the border of Hoboken & Jersey City), the HoHas was relatively speaking “far” away. They are a great group. Super fast. I did a few runs with them.

      • Totally makes sense and I am so jealous that you had your choice of running clubs!! We just have one around here. Yes, my friend Angela is super fast! She just ran a 3:03 marathon recently.

  3. I love my running club. I had found two local ones when I searched and one kinda turned me off b/c 1. there was a fee and 2. their Facebook group vibe seemed to focus on only the speed/getting faster aspect and not the social. The group I chose is a great happy medium 😀

    • Yup! It’s important to find the one that’s the right fit for you. One of my friends runs a running club, which is a little too heavy on the social. The vibe for that club was totally relaxed and no competition. I love being competitive too much, so it’s not a good fit with me. But for several runners who belong to that club, it’s a great fit and they love it.

      We all have different desires. I’m glad that you found the right running club for you!

  4. Yay for finding a running club! I’m thinking about joining one here in Anchorage – there are like 3 running clubs here and only one offers membership all year long (there’s also a summer-only women’s club and a “pub run” group that is free each Tuesday but doesn’t really foster relationships at all) so I’m planning on joining when they open registration for January. Have fun with your new group!

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