Post Marathon Thoughts

A few rambling thoughts

  • I was very proud of myself for Wineglass. Although I was hungry, I couldn’t eat all that much after the race. All I wanted was some chicken soup that Wineglass provided. After I showered and rested a bit, we went out to dinner. Again, I was hungry, but I couldn’t eat more than a slice of pizza. I had another snack before bedtime and went to bed with a full stomach. I woke in the middle of the night STARVING. This was an unusual feeling for me because I don’t get late night munchies nor am I usually hungry in the morning. I laid there silently, deeply unhappy and feeling sorry for myself because I was SO HUNGRY. I wasn’t awake for longer than 30 seconds when Ben suddenly woke up and asked me anxiously what was wrong. I whined that I was hungry. He immediately leaped out of our hotel bed, grabbed a banana that we had, and looked around for other food. I remembered that I stashed away a half bagel and string cheese in a bag. After I ate the banana, bagel, and cheese, I was full and happy again. I asked Ben how did he suddenly wake up when I hadn’t moved or said anything to wake him up. He said, “I sensed that something was wrong and I woke up. I love you and I want you to be happy. If you aren’t happy, I want to fix it. “
  • A few weeks ago I asked Ben if he wanted a weekend getaway for his upcoming birthday in December. He immediately groaned, “What race do you want to do now? How far away is it?” I pretended to be hurt and said that I simply wanted to do something nice for him. He gave me a wry look that said that he knew me too well and sighed, “It’s really far away, isn’t it?” Ben hates car trips by the way.
    “It’s not that far way,” I said defensively, “And how did you know that I wanted to do a race?”
    “I married you. I know how you are.”
    “Fine. We don’t have to go away. If you want to stay home, we’ll stay home. It’s your birthday. We should do what you want.”
    “Do whatever you want. Whatever makes you happy.”
    “It’s your birthday. We should do what you want.”
    “All I want to do is spend the day with you. Any day I get to be with you is a great day.”
    “We’re going to upstate New York to do a 5K.”
    “Oh dear God. I can’t believe we’re traveling for hours to do an event that lasts for less than 30 minutes.”
    “It’ll be fun. Happy birthday!”
  • I keep waffling between wanting to do a half and not wanting to do one before the end of the year. Every time I think I made a “final” decision, I keep wanting to reconsider. Normally I’m not someone who is indecisive. The few times in the past I was indecisive, it’s because I made one decision, but I really wanted to make the other decision. Once I switched, there was no more indecision. This time, this is not the case. I really don’t know if I want to do one or not.
  • I entered the NYC Half Marathon lottery and may the odds be ever in my favor.
  • If you love Headsweats as much as I do, here’s your chance be become an ambassador. Headsweats has opened their HS Ambassador application for the 2016 year. Apply here!
  • Thanks to me, my workplace has become even more dog friendly. My workplace was always dog friendly, but I wasn’t planning on testing the limits of just how dog friendly it could be. I assumed that my work would be okay with Bandit’s occasional appearance; I wasn’t planning on making her a permanent fixture. When we got Bandit and realized the extent of her separation anxiety, we rearranged our lives and our work schedule around her needs. I bring Bandit to work far more often than I thought I would and my colleagues are surprisingly cool with her presence. Not like just tolerating Bandit, but actually enjoying Bandit. It helps that several of my colleagues own and love dogs, so they were delighted whenever Bandit appeared and ask when she would be coming back if Bandit didn’t come in to work with me. Now more people are bringing their dogs in, which is nice because I don’t like being the only nut who brings in her dog, but I hope the higher ups don’t get a wind of this and send an official notice and unless the dogs are service animals, they’re not allowed in. It helps that for the most part, Bandit’s pretty good and quite quiet.

13 thoughts on “Post Marathon Thoughts

  1. Hahahahahaha I am dying over your conversation with Ben. It sounds a lot like conversations I have regularly with my husband regarding what state I want to run a marathon in next. The last one he came with me for was Minnesota. We drove…alllll 20 hours there and back. I told him its good for character building. Hahaha. I think it’s so cool that your employer is so dog friendly! I hope it stays that way too – it must be fun to have Bandit with you at work. Also, you should be proud of your race at Wineglass. You absolutely crushed it! I hope you get into the half marathon, that one looks like so much fun!

    • 20 HOURS!!!! Oh my gosh, that’ll kill Ben. When I first met him, he’d crack after 30 minutes in the car. Now we’re up to 2 hours before he starts complaining. Four hours is the max I can push it with him. Eventually I hope to work up to 8 hours. It’s a lot like working on Bandit’s separation anxiety. You have to do a lots of training in small little increments.

      • Hahahahaha omg you can so do it. Keep working on him!!! When I met my husband, his tolerance was like an hour in the car. I worked him up to 20 over the marathoning all over the country. We started with 3-4 hour trips, then it was more like 6-9 hours. Then the big one was in 2014 when we went to northern Michigan, like 13 hours. Then Minnesota. He was less than thrilled, but he survived. I drive, he sleeps 🙂

  2. What 5k and where in NY? That’s where I’m from! I adopted a dog two months ago who has separation anxiety and the apartment life is nottttt good for that. Thankfully we have been able to kind of stop part of our life the past few weeks (after a nastygram) to work on training him but uhhhh it’s exhausting and frustrating. I wish I couple bring him to work; he’d just curl up under my desk all day without a peep!!

    • It’s the It’s a Wonderful Life 5K in Seneca Falls.

      Separation anxiety is difficult to deal with. She likes our new house better, so it decreased her anxiety. She’s okay about being left alone for a few hours, but gets upset if it happens for a few days in a row. Hence, either I take her to work or my husband works from home. It’s nice having Bandit around. She likes my work place and is pretty happy in her corner chewing on her toys. When she gets bored, she asks me to play with her or if I’m too busy, I’ll put her on my lap and she’ll curl up to nap.

    • Thanks for letting me know.

      Dogs should be allowed everywhere (almost!). She’s fun to have at work and when she’s not there, I honestly miss her a lot. Her crate is empty and I feel a little sad even though I know she’s happy at home with Ben.

  3. I laughed out loud at your conversation with Ben. That’s totally Phil and me! Or the opposite happens: he proposes a trip somewhere (weekend getaway, vacation, etc) and I find a race that coincides. I’m all, “Sooooo, there’s this race…” Then he groans. I don’t get it. They love running too, right?!?!

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