Last Training Run

I feel a little strange writing this post. It all seems so surreal that in a few days I will be attempting to complete a marathon. I did my last training run today. It’s all done. Just gotta rest and trust the training was enough. That I did enough. The hay is in the barn, so to speak.

Tuesday – Key Run #1 Track Repeats (6 x 400 @1:40)

It was an oddly humid and gray day. I completed these on the treadmill at 9.2 mph (1:38 for each interval). All good.

Thursday – Key Run #2 Tempo Run (3 miles @8:38)

A nice easy run. Long enough to feel like something, but at a pace where I’m not working hard, but also not completely coasting it either. I did it on a treadmill because I didn’t want to risk anything. Last thing I need now is a fall caused by me tripping over a twig (has happened in the past). I completed this in 24:52 (8:18) with a fast finish as I have been finishing my runs these days. I love doing a fast finish on my training runs because I think it’s really been helping me with in not fading away at the end.

Wineglass, here I come!

25 thoughts on “Last Training Run

  1. Good luck with the marathon, whatever happens you know you can get to the end, the works been done just got to go out there and have a good time putting it all together.

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