Week 14 of Run Less, Run Faster

Tuesday – Key Run #1 Track Repeats (8 x 800 @3:28)

On Tuesday, I did 2 x 800s because that was all I had time for. I did these on the treadmill at 9.0 mph so I completed each half mile in 3:20.

Thursday – Additional running

I woke up early to go running with some member of the Prospect Park Track Club.Their planned work out was to run 8 miles at 8:40 pace. RLRF had me scheduled for doing a 5 mile tempo at 8:00 pace. I thought that I would run the first mile with them as a warm up and then take off to do 5 miles at tempo. The warm up went time. The first mile of the temp was fine (7:55). The starting with the second mile of the tempo I got a nasty side stitch. I stopped to walk it off for a few minutes. Then I tried to restart the tempo. No go. I decided to quit the tempo attempt and finish the rest of the speed intervals (.5 @3:26, .45 @3:03, .5 @3:48).

Friday – Key Run #2 Tempo Run (1 mile easy, 5 miles @8:00, 1 mile easy)

I thought about doing the tempo at Prospect Park, especially since the last couple of weeks I had great tempo runs there. After a few minutes of jogging, I decided my legs weren’t feeling it. I knew I could either do a bad tempo outdoors or I could do a good tempo on the treadmill. I completed 5 miles in 38:02 (7:37 pace). I used the long walks to the gym from home as the warm up and cool down.

Sunday – Key Run #3 Long Run (13 miles @8:38)

The Newport Liberty Half Marathon was nicely scheduled for this past weekend coinciding with RLRF’s plan for 13 miles as a long run. I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen. I thought that if I felt good then I would try to push it and run at 8:20 pace (similar to last week’s Swanzey Covered Bridges Half). If not, then I would stick to the prescribed pace. The morning of the race, it was a little humid and warm, despite the gray cloud cover, plus there was some strong winds. I wasn’t feeling “race ready” but this wasn’t meant to be a race for me, but another training run, so I wasn’t concerned about my legs feeling heavy. We met up with our old friends from our old running club in Jersey City. My old running partner, who is the epitome of pace consistency, was there, so I clung onto her to help pace me because she was aiming for a 8:30 pace. I ran comfortably, focused on running my own race, and ended up finishing in 1:48:42 (8:15 pace). I was really happy with how well the run went because I felt that I had “more” in me after Swanzey. I still don’t think Newport Liberty Half performance is indicative of what I’m capable of at this distance, but I wasn’t focused on PR’ing at this race anyway. My performance was a nice indication that all the training had me improving my fitness and that I’m ready to PR at this distance when later this racing season I focus on being prepared for it.


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