Week 13 of Run Less, Run Faster

Tuesday – Key Run #1 Track Repeats (10 X 400 @1:42 with 400 RI)

This workout went surprisingly well. I did the first five at 9.1 mph, which meant that I completed each .25 miles in 1:39. This is exactly the speed I wanted on a treadmill (I always try to go faster on a treadmill to compensate for the lack of air resistance). I felt really good, so I decided to push the pace a bit and go 9.2 mph for the second half. I completed each interval in 1:38.

Thursday – Key Run #2 Tempo (8 miles @8:38)

This run I had intended to wake up early and meet some members of the Prospect Park Track Club in Central Park to do the run with them. I was looking forward to this run all week. When I woke up, it was raining. I don’t necessarily have a problem with running in the rain, but I do have a problem with wearing wet clothes with air conditioning for a long period of time. After the run, I would have been soaked and then it’s an hour ride on the subway back home. This, for me, is a ready recipe for getting sick. If I get physically cold and wet and don’t warm up quickly, I inevitably fall sick. I couldn’t take the risk this close to the race, so I cancelled on them to go running closer to home.

There was light rain during the entire run and it got a bit heavier toward the end of the run. Despite the humidity, I ran really well at 8:33 pace. At the end of the run, I didn’t feel tired and I definitely could have ran several more miles. I felt this run feeling very confident.

Saturday – Extra running

I was supposed to do a long run, but my husband wanted to go running with me and our dog. Neither Ben nor Bandit can stand to go slowly, so I agreed to doing a quick loop around Prospect Park. We ran 4.2 miles at 8:33 pace. It was a beautiful day out and I loved spending time with them. We ended our run at a farmer’s market. We bought a delicious organic peach pie, a bottle of small batch cider made by a cider mill from upstate NY, and some beautiful purple wildflowers that look absolutely smashing in a pewter pitcher I bought at an antique market earlier this summer. It was a super trendy hipster Brooklyn kind of day.

Sunday – Key Run #3 Long Run (20 miles @8:53)

I had good intentions for this run. I set my alarm for 5 am so that I could be out of the house by 6 am to head to Manhattan to run down the West Side Highway. The beeping of the alarm woke me up at 5. I remember turning the alarm off and thinking I needed to get out of bed. The next thing I remember is waking up and having my clock tell me that it’s 7 am. Oops. I realized that I didn’t have any time to go to Manhattan so it would have to be six boring loops around Prospect Park. Sigh.

I just wasn’t into the run. Of all the training runs, the long runs were usually the ones I had the least enthusiasm for. I would far rather bust out the speed work or the the tempo runs. I generally suck at running when it comes to humidity. With a couple of exceptions, if  the humidity is above 80%, I fall apart, which is what happened here. I couldn’t get into a rhythm. I couldn’t get anywhere close to a 8:53 pace, or even a 9:00 pace. I decided that my only goal would be to last the entire 20 miles, no matter what pace I ended up running in.

It was 20 ugly miles at 9:44. I came close to stopping at 17 miles. I was seriously tempted to end early and finish up later in the evening, but I realized that I just had to do one more loop to finish at 20. I slogged on. I was very relieved when I was finally done.

If there’s anything in my training that’s giving me some worry, it’s the fact that I’ve ran 4 out of the 5 20-mile runs slower than the intended pace. I feel a bit under-trained in this regard. I really wanted and hoped to do this last run at 9:00 pace, but it didn’t happen. I really wish that I could have done at least one 20-miler at 9:00 pace. It would have been a great confidence booster.

With the last 20-miler done, I’m now in taper mode!

8 thoughts on “Week 13 of Run Less, Run Faster

  1. YAY Taper Time! Don’t worry about your 20-miler pace… you have to remember that you’re running them fatigued from weeks of INTENSE training. You’ll probably find that come race day you’ll be up at the pace time you’re aiming for. Congrats on making it to the taper! 😀

  2. Sounds like there was some confusion…our Thursday run was in Prospect Park! We’re doing the same run this week (up to 4 lower loops at 8:40 pace, meeting at 6:40am). You should join if you’re free!

    • Well, it was a good thing I cancelled last week then, otherwise I would have been all alone in Central Park. LOL.

      I actually need to do 5 miles at 8:00, but I’m happy to meet you guys at 6:40 so I can get to know people in PPTC.

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