Week 3 of Run Less, Run Faster

Sunday – Key Run #2 Tempo Run (1 mile easy, 5 miles @8:11, 1 mile easy)

Technically this was last week, but the Mexico 5-Mile Fiesta nicely fit in with this week’s training runs. Once again, I skipped the warm up and cool down miles. I ran 5 miles hard at exactly the prescribed 8:11 pace (40:54). The week before I ran a 5-mile race in 40:55. I’m discovering that I’m amazingly consistent.

Wednesday – Additional run (Prospect Park Track Club Al Goldstein Summer Series #4 5K)

One of the things I love about living in Brooklyn is the amazing number of races that are literally right at my fingertips. The Prospect Park Track Club hosts a series of biweekly 5Ks all summer long at Prospect Park, which is minutes from our house. I wasn’t planning on doing this 5K, but I got out of work slightly earlier than expected. Ben was already signed up for this race, so I called him right before I left work to tell him that I was going to join. It was hot and while I was out running, I wondered what on earth was wrong with me that I would willingly make myself suffer. I wasn’t expecting much because of the heat, humidity, and because of the hill right at the beginning of the course. I ended up surprising myself because I did a 24:35, which is a sub-8:00 pace for all three miles. I’m really pleased with the time. Just a couple weeks ago, a single sub-8:00 mile was cause for celebration. I’m regaining my old level of fitness. These short races are are nice measurable way of marking progress.

Thursday – Key Run #1 Track Repeats (1200 m @5:15, 1000 m @4:20, 800 m @3:26, 600 m @2:34, 400 m @1:41 RI 200 m)

I did these on a treadmill to give myself a little bit of a cheat. I figured out that the first interval needed to be at 8.6 mph, and that each interval needed to increase by .1 mph. I nailed each interval AND I actually took the 200 m rest interval for the first and last rest intervals. I let myself have a longer break for the other rest intervals.

Saturday- Key Run #3 Long Run (17 miles @9:17)

Out of all the training runs, the ones I mildly dread are the long runs. So long. So much time. Sigh. It doesn’t help that I ran slower than the prescribed pace. I ran 17 miles starting from Prospect Park, ran down Flatbush, across Manhattan Bridge, went north on the East River Bikeway to 34th St, turned around and retraced steps back to Prospect Park, ran one loop of the park (clockwise), and then ran home until I hit 17.1 miles (time: 2:51:19; pace: 10:01). I need to do these long runs a bit faster, but I’m really having a hard time motivating myself to move faster and suffer more when I know I have so many miles to cover. I wanted to do this as a group run, but when I headed out to meet the Prospect Park Track Club, either they left PROMPTLY at 8 am (I arrived at 8:01, I looked at my watch) or they weren’t doing a group run on 4th of July and they didn’t bother to announce this on their website. I was a little disgruntled and disappointed, but I had to do the run.

Still smiling halfway through the long  run

Still smiling halfway through the long run

I was really tired and hungry when I was done. If there was a time that I earned this:

Banana Fosters French Toast

Banana Fosters French Toast

Saturday was the day!

By the way, I eat this Banana Fosters French Toast at Blessings pretty much EVERY weekend (two thick slices of challah, bananas Fosters, caramel sauce, strawberries and blueberries and freshly whipped cream). It’s one of the best things you can eat in New York City, especially for brunch. It’s super indulgent, but oh so worth it. Ben and I adore Blessings and its owner, Lily. We go there at least once a week. As soon as she sees us, she writes down French toast on our ticket. I know it’s really popular on a running/healthy living blog to post up photos of “healthy” versions of guilty pleasures or eating “whole food,”, but eff that. I ran and I’m going to EAT ALL THE FOODS.

6 thoughts on “Week 3 of Run Less, Run Faster

  1. GREAT job this week and even better job with that Banana Fosters French Toast – OMG that looks like it’s TO DIE for! So sorry you had to do the run solo but awesome job on getting it done! You rock!

  2. Nice job last week! I cheat by using the treadmill sometimes too – summertime heat and winter’s freezing temperatures drive me inside. I figure I’d rather be spot on for the intervals than be forced to slow down from extreme weather. Plus, I like to think the treadmill makes you mentally stronger 🙂
    I’d be super frustrated if I was planning to meet a club for my long run only to find out no one was there (for whatever reason). Hopefully this weekend’s run has more company for you.
    Also – that banana’s foster has me practically drooling–looks (and sounds) absolutely delicious!

  3. I’d run every day for that french toast. I love french toast. Your long run sounds tough. Can you take Bandit with you for parts of it? That would be fun!!

    • Not really. Bandit is a bit of a beast to run with when you’re not running that fast. Anything below my tempo pace is too easy for her and she goofs off by barking at everyone and playing tug of war with her leash. She runs her best when you’re going fast, so Ben ends up being the one to run with her.

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