Review: Lilytrotters Compression Socks

IMG_2511Disclosure: I was given a pair of Lilytrotters compression socks to review. The review reflects my opinion.

Earlier this year Salt, of Run Salt Run, raved about her new find – Lilytrotters Compression Socks. I (and many of her readers) were immediately enchanted with the cute and stylish compression socks. They look cute, but how do they function?

The Good

Lilytrotters are undoubtably the cutest compression socks out there. I love the little details, like the ruffled edges, that make it fun and adorable without being cloyingly sweet. These are definitely fun to wear.

They are very easy to put on. I didn’t feel like I was playing tug-of-war with my dog to pull them up my massive calves. The compression in the socks nicely hugs the calves.

Depending on what you want, the lack of compression in the foot may be a good thing for you if you’re simply looking for compression for the legs.

The Bad

Depending on what you want, the lack of compression in the foot may be a bad thing. When I have plantar fasciitis, I like having compression in the foot area because it helps alleviate the pain.

Not available in stores! You’ll need to wait a bit in order to get your own Lilytrotters compression socks because they’ll be launching on Kickstarter soon (click here for more info). It’s a bit of a tease to look at the socks and go, “Ooh, I want those!” and see that they’re on available just yet. You know what they say, good things come to those who wait.

The Ugly

None! Have you seen all their socks????!!!!! Too cute to believe.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a pair of fun and fashionable compression socks that provides compression for the calves, Lilytrotters is it!

Thank you to Lilytrotters for reaching out and sending me a free pair. I just wish the weather had been a little cooler so I could wear them more often. They’ll be a part of my running outfits in the fall and winter.

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