Finding a Training Philosophy for You!

Hey! My first content post on Salty Running is up! I wrote about breaking “the rules” of running to use speed work as my foundation worked for me.

“When I first began running (again), I just ran. I wanted to get faster, and I thought to do that I had to run more. And sometimes that is true: if you’re a novice runner, often adding mileage will help you run faster. But eventually the newbie gains fall away and you have to try something different. But I didn’t know this. I just knew that, for most runners I knew, running faster meant running more.

Runners, especially new runners, feel a lot of pressure to follow strictly a training plan given by experts in the field. If you can follow the plan and it works for you, that’s great! But a plan that you can’t, don’t, or won’t follow, is actually a terrible plan, no matter how great it may seem, or how much it benefits others. The best training plan is one you will actually stick to, even if most people tell you it’s not optimal. By breaking all the “known” rules for running, I created a training plan that worked for me and this can work for you too.”

Read the rest here!

3 thoughts on “Finding a Training Philosophy for You!

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