Week 2 of Run Less, Run Faster

What I did for the week of June 22nd – June 28th

Monday – Key Run #2 Tempo Run (1 mile easy, 5 miles @8:32, 1 mile easy)

RLRF has three prescribed work outs – speed work, tempo, and a long run, to be done in that order. Last week the Sunset Classic 5-Miler in Bloomfield nicely worked into the RLRF’s plan for me, except it was on a Monday. So I switched the order this week to be tempo, speed work, and long run.

It was a hot day. I didn’t feel like running to get warm when I was already warm and was desperately trying to keep cool. Contrary to all good professional advice for warming up before race, I didn’t. I like using races to do hard training runs because I’m far more likely to hit intended target pace. I ran the 5 miles in 40:55 (8:11 pace), faster than what RLRF wanted, so I’m quite happy with how well I did. I also didn’t cool down. I was tired and hungry, immediately after the race, I grabbed some water and focused on getting food.

Wednesday – Key Run #1 Speed Work (4×800 @3:26, RI 2 min)

Aside from sucking at warming up and cooling down, I also suck at rest intervals because I give myself much longer breaks than what training plans prescribe. I did the speed work on a treadmill because 3:26 for 800 m works out to a sub-7 min mile, something I’m not quite sure that I can do right now. Treadmill work outs are slightly easier, so if I’m being conscientious I calibrate for it by going faster (how to equate a treadmill work out to an outdoor road or track work out will be a future post – believe it or not, it’s not actually going to a 1% incline). Since I wanted to give myself a slight cheat, I didn’t. The first three intervals I ran at 8.7 mph (6:54 pace); I completed the intervals at 3:27. The last interval, I thought I was going to throw up when I was 70% done, so I quickly slowed down for a break to compose myself and then went back up to speed to finish up. I did that last interval about 10 seconds slower than the intended time, so it was completed in 3:33.

My rest intervals were much longer than 2 min because I leisurely walked a quarter mile in between to recover. The rest intervals were more like 5 minutes long.

Friday – Key Run #3 Long Run (15 miles @9:17)

Because of the incredibly packed weekend, I knew I had to get my long run in early on Friday morning before I went to work. I am not an early morning person. Despite all of my good intentions, I figured there would be a good chance that I would fall back asleep after my alarm jostled me awake at 5:30 in the morning. Amazingly at 6 am, I was dressed and out of the door running toward Prospect Park.

Thanks to the storm that came in the night before and the upcoming storm later that day, Friday was a pretty cool (weather-wise) day for summer to run. I hoped to have a better long run than what I had the week before. Four laps of the running path at Prospect Park and the distance to and from the park equals 15 miles. I thought I would be really bored running four laps, but it wasn’t so bad. I suspect though that this is probably because of the novelty effect. I don’t think I’ll be so sanguine if I do this week after week.

The overall pace averaged to 9:41, which is much slower than the targeted pace of 9:17. I had a really slow first two miles (11:11 and 10:51) where my legs were still trying to wake up. If I took those miles out, then the rest of my run averaged to a pace of 9:34. Still slower than the intended target, but much more respectable.

At this point of my training plan, I’m not overly concerned about hitting the intended pace for the long runs. I know I need to. But currently the training plan is slightly beyond my current level of fitness. I lost quite a bit when I pretty much stopped running for two months straight, but I’m steadily regaining it. While going for a training plan that’s a bit beyond your level of fitness is not advised, there’s a difference between bodies when trying to regain the old level of fitness and when trying to gain a new level of fitness. It’s much easier to regain the old level.  I’m making progress, not injured, and happy to be training. This is all we ask for, right?

9 thoughts on “Week 2 of Run Less, Run Faster

  1. I think you are doing a great job with pace. One thing you haven’t mentioned is how hard it is to run this time of year. Regardless of what they say your pace should be, the heat plays a factor and you are doing awesome. Even if you run on the treadmill – it’s hotter out, so we are more dehydrated! Keep it up – you are crushing this! Your 800s are seriously impressive!

    • If you thrive off speed work and tempo, then it’s a good plan for you. If you really love the long slow distance running, then not so much. Since I don’t care for LSD, RLRF suits me (at least so far).

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