Runs Because of Friends

IMG_2449I got a couple runs in on Friday night day and Saturday morning because of friends. One of my friends at work gave me her transferable bibs for the Night Nation Run 5K. They advertise themselves as the world’s first running music festival. Think Color Run, only with glow sticks and music. It’s an untimed 5K at night and they give you glow in the dark accessories, play music, and have dance stations.

I told Ben that we were going to just go and have fun. Run slowly and dance at the dance stations – that was the game plan. I even ate a light dinner before the 5K because “I wasn’t really running.” If I were really running, I wouldn’t have eaten because I get heartburn if I eat anything but processed carbs several hours before a run. Once we started running, I realized that I can’t turn off my competitive bug. I just ran as hard and as fast I was capable of (and yes, I got heartburn).

There was a HUGE crowd of people, but surprisingly the start of the race went very smoothly. It was crowded and congested but Ben and I moved fairly quickly and easily through because the course was super wide. I enjoyed the loud music playing (after we moved away from the giant speakers). When we approached the first dance station, I waved my arms in the air and ran straight past the station. Ben shook his head and said, “Oh, you are so competitive, even when it doesn’t matter. I married the right woman.” I just couldn’t bring myself to slow down.

Anyway, knowing that I wasn’t going to slow down and dance, I decided to run as hard and as fast as I was capable of. This wasn’t all that fast (for me) because I got some heartburn after Mile 2 and had to slow down, but all in all, we had a nice little run. In case you’re curious, I did the 5K in 26:26, which is about 3 min off my PR. I’ve really slowed down since I stopped doing speed work.

IMG_2451Saturday morning, T. and I got together to do a 5 mile run along the East River. T’s in town for the World Science Festival; she was one of the speakers. We get to grad school together and our career paths more or less paralleled each other’s. We were good friends in grad school, but became better friends after graduation because we always ended up a few hours away from each other in the East Coast. First I moved to Toronto and she was in Ann Arbor. Then she moved to Ithaca and I moved to NYC. We independently fell into running as a hobby more or less around the same time, so whenever possible we try to run together. It was a beautiful day and we both really loved running together along the East side of Manhattan. Gorgeous views. Very nice paths. I highly recommend running here, if you’re looking for a change from Central Park.

Earlier today, on Sunday, I went to T’s panel to hear her and other scientists speak about bias and the (un)conscious. It was very interesting and thought-provoking.

12 thoughts on “Runs Because of Friends

  1. I am the same way with races. I say I’m just going to run for fun but it really is impossible! Sounds like a really fun weekend. The East River and Hudson are both so beautiful to run along. Sadly the path up on the UES is just a terrible mess. Such a shame.

    • I also love running on Roosevelt Island. I did all my long runs there when I lived in Astoria. From my old apt to Roosevelt Island, a lap around and back home was a nice 10-12 mile run.

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