Incredible Races in New Jersey

The New Jersey Marathon just passed, but there are several great races that are coming up in New Jersey!

Newport HMNewport 10K on May 2nd in Newport, Jersey City, NJ: A fast, flat course with beautiful scenic views of the Manhattan skyline, world-class competition, and generous cash prizes. A great spring race.

Grape GallopGrape Gallop on May 9th & Oct 10th at Alba Vineyard in Milford, NJ: A fun run followed by wine tasting of the wines made by Alba Vineyard. What’s not to love?

Super HeroSuper Hero Half on May 17th in Morristown, NJ: If I weren’t getting married on that day, I would totally be there. Several racers dress up as their favorite super heroes. It looks like it’s such a blast.

RWRRead, Write, & Run 5K on June 13th in Jersey City, NJ: A fast 5K course in the beautiful Liberty State Park. Usually 5K courses aren’t much to talk about, but I love running in Liberty State Park with its gorgeous views of the Manhattan skyline and Lady Liberty.

Sunset Classic

Sunset Classic on June 22nd in Bloomfield, NJ: A rare evening race on a weekday. The whole town comes out to support the runners (including having sprinklers, which is greatly appreciated because it’s so hot and humid that time of year). The race has a track finish and a great post-race party.

Statue of Liberty 5K

Statue of Liberty 5K on July 4th in Ellis Island: Okay, technically it’s in New York because Ellis Island is in New York State, but it’s surrounded by New Jersey and you need to be in NJ to get the ferry. I can’t imagine a better way of celebrating our freedom than by running on Ellis Island where so many people came through looking for a better future and to have Lady Liberty looking on.

Beat the BlerchBeat the Blerch on Sept 26th & 27th in Morristown, NJ: Aid stations will have cupcakes, Nutella, and magical grape beverages!!!! And Blerches will be on the course to chase you!!!!! Last year was the inaugural year for Beat the Blerch in Washington. It sold out so fast and so many people were on the wait list that they opened up the race for the second day. Now that this year it’ll be in New Jersey, there’s no way that we were going to miss it. We’ll be there on Sept 26th.

Trenton HalfTrenton Half on Nov 7th in Trenton, NJ: I got a bit of a soft spot for this race because I got such a huge PR in 2014. The course winds through charming residential streets, and you get to run on a closed freeway (cool!), and there’s a terrific finish where you run around the baseball field. As you finish, you can look up to see yourself on the Jumbotron.

There are a million races in New Jersey, but these are some of the ones that I thought were noteworthy, particularly if you live in the New York City metropolitan area. Any races you think I overlooked? What great races are near your hometown?

15 thoughts on “Incredible Races in New Jersey

  1. Nice list!! I’m not too far from Jersey so I should keep these in mind. Some good ones in the Lehigh Valley: The St. Lukes Half (just passed), The VIA Marathon, Half and Marathon Relay (September), and the Runner’s World Festival features a trail run, 5K, 10K and Half Marathon(Bethlehem – October). So cool that your wedding is coming up!

    • Yes, PA has a number of fantastic races!!!! If you haven’t done Bird-in-Hand (in Sept), I highly recommend it. It’s in Amish country and there’s a beautiful handmade horseshoe finisher medal and a s’more party the night before.

      • I pace the other one in Amish country in the spring, Garden Spot – I keep meaning to get out for Bird in Hand in September and check it out! The courses are similar and I love it out there! If you do both in the same year, you get the Road Apple Award πŸ™‚ Google that for a good laugh πŸ™‚

  2. Ahh Beat the Blerch! Unfortunately he’s not scheduled one near where I am, so I’ll be running the virtual rece. If you run it, you’ll have to post about it! πŸ™‚

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