Where I’ll Be Racing This Year

Racing season is here!

Here’s a list of races where I’ll be. Let me know if you’ll be there too! The list is not complete because I often do small 5Ks at the last minute, but all my big races are here.

Love RunMarch 29: The Love Run in Philadelphia, PA

This was originally planned as my big spring HM PR attempt, but I had to let go of that goal because I have too much going on right now. I’ll just go out and have fun. I love Philly and am looking forward to going back.

Bucks County HalfApril 12: Bucks County Half in Richboro, PA

I’ll be the 2:30 pacer for this half! I’m a pacer for Beast Pacing. This will be my first pacing experience. I’m excited and looking forward to this.

Alley PondApril 27: Alley Pond 5-Miler in Alley Pond Park in Queens, NY

It’s a small local race near where I used to live. I haven’t done this race before, but I’ve heard about it from friends and other local runners. Nell and her husband will be there, so it’ll be fun to race and then hang out with them.

Newport 10KMay 2: Riker Danzig Newport 10K in Jersey City, NJ

Doing this race is a BIG tradition among us and our Jersey City Runner friends. We love this race, and not only because it was literally in our backyard; it’s a great 10K (a part of the course overlaps with the Newport Liberty course along the waterfront) with a lively post-race atmosphere. The Newport 10K is also the USATF-NJ Men’s and Women’s Open 10K Championship, so there are always incredible athletes toeing the start line. As you cross the finish line, a live band plays music. Surrounding restaurants are open and filled with racers. So many local JC runners do this race that all day long, you run into racers all over the city. There’s nothing more fun than walking into a place and seeing a half dozen people wearing a shirt from the same 10K you did earlier. If you’re in the NYC metro area, I can’t recommend this race highly enough.

B2B logoAug 1: Beach to Beacon 10K in Cape Elizabeth, ME

I’ve been dying to do this race for over a year. When I found out about this race, it had been long sold out. This race sells out FAST. Last year it sold out in about 4 mins and 30 seconds. This year, it sold out even faster in 4 min and 15 seconds. The night before the registration, I set up several alarms so Ben and I would be up and ready to register at 7 am. After I entered my info, I was in agony watching a circle swirl around the site after I pressed enter. I was thrilled when Ben and I managed to snag entries to this beloved New England race.

Newport HMI will most likely have a half marathon in Sept. besides the Newport Liberty Half in late Sept, which we do every year. Our friends are there. Flat, fast course along the waterfront and through beautiful Liberty State Park where Lady Liberty greets you as you’re feeling fatigued. Seeing the Statue of Liberty always perks me up. I’ve set a great PR here in the past.

wineglassOct 4: Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY

This will be my first marathon! AHHHH! I love, love, love Wineglass. It’s truly a very special place. I love these small town races. There’s nothing small or amateurish about this race. They give the best swag (handmade glass finishers medal, wine, wineglass) and a wonderful race atmosphere. I truly love this race.

RRBOct 10: Rock ‘n Roll Brooklyn in Brooklyn, NY

I won’t actually be running this race, but I’ll be there as a spectator. Ben will be running and the course route is going through our neighborhood in Brooklyn. We’re thrilled at the prospect of having so many races where we get to walk to the start line.

If I’m able to talk Ben into being crazy, we may do a 10K that starts in a different part of BK later that morning.

baltimore running festOct 17: Baltimore Running Festival in Baltimore, MD

Ben and I enjoyed our stay at a Kimpton in Miami so much that we decided to go on vacation specifically where there was a Kimpton. We desperately wanted to go on vacation with our puppy, Bandit, and Kimpton is very dog-friendly. So we searched for a Kimpton within driving distance. When we found Hotel Monaco in Baltimore, we needed a reason to go down there. I remembered from Salt that every year Baltimore hosts a running festival. Once we found out that it’s on a weekend that we had free, our plan was set. I’m so excited about this half. Not only because we’ll be there with our puppy, but I’ll be able to meet up with one of my favorite bloggers and eat crab cakes with her.

Let me know what races you’ll be doing this year, especially if you’ll be doing one of the races that I listed. I’d love to do a blogger meet up.

17 thoughts on “Where I’ll Be Racing This Year

  1. Beach to Beacon is on my bucket list- congrats on getting in!
    I’ve heard really good things about the Wineglass Marathon, thinking I should do it next time I’m ready for a fall marathon.
    Love BRF! Good choice! I was thinking of doing the half there this year, but with 2 other Baltimore races on my calendar & a race out west this August, I’m not sure I can swing it.
    Looks like you have a great year coming up 🙂

    • B2B was seriously fastest fingers. We managed to get registered in under 3 mins.

      I love Wineglass so much. It’s not for everyone. If people want a big race experience with tons of spectators, then Wineglass isn’t it. But if you want beautiful fall colors, peaceful countryside, and running through small quaint towns and farmlands, then this is it. The people of Corning were super friendly and welcoming.

      I’ve heard good things about BRF, so looking forward to it. I haven’t been to Baltimore in quite some time. I’ve heard it changed. It’ll be interesting to see the changes.

  2. YEAH BALTIMORE RUNNING FESTIVAL!!! We definitely need to get together while you’re here! You’re going to love it! You have some awesome things coming up this year. 🙂

  3. Ha, well our racing season is going to be slowing down soon. The temps are rising! I remember you writing about Wineglass last year. I think some of my running group friends are going up there for that. I need to look into joining y’all!!!

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