Week 11 MyASICS Half Marathon Training

MyASICS Training Plan

Tuesday: 3 miles (10:28 pace)
Wednesday: 8.5 (8:25 – 8:33 pace)
Saturday: 8.5 (8:25 – 8:33 pace)

What I did

Tuesday: 3.1 miles (8:00 pace)
The only good run of this week. I warmed up for a mile on the treadmill. Then ran a fast mile and half at 8.7 mph. Then I cooled down.

Wednesday: 4 miles (~8:00 pace)
I woke up early to go running. I realized a couple of things: 1) I can never become a regular early morning runner. It was rough waking up at 5 am, so I could be on the treadmill by 6 am. I am not the bounce-out-of-bed type. 2) The colder it is, the hotter the gym is. It was really hard. I know I whine a lot about the temp of the gym, but 80 degrees is unbearable to run in. I couldn’t bring myself to finish out the rest of the run. Anyway, I had to get to work early, so I stopped, showered, and left for work earlier than I had planned, which turned out to be a good thing because there was a huge accident on the freeway. I barely had enough time to get to my meeting on time.

Saturday: 2.5 miles (8:36 pace)
Honestly I should have been able to do this run. It was too cold for me to run outside, but the gym’s temperature was fine. It takes a lot out of me mentally to run on a treadmill and I didn’t have anything in me. I was fatigued from a very long and exhausting work week. Pretty much the entire week, I went in early and left very late (e.g., 10 pm). I was so busy on a couple of days that I didn’t eat all day until 6 pm. I operated off a cup of coffee and fumes. Twice during the week, I had to go to the house to do more home renovation after working all day. Plus I knew I was going to have a long and hard weekend with packing and moving. I was tired. I knew I was going to be even more tired later in the day and weekend. So I hit the stop button, walked out, showered, and napped for a couple of hours before the chaos began.

Total mileage: 9.6 miles


Well, training-wise it was a disappointing week. As I’ve said before, right now in my life, half marathon training is last in terms of priority. This means I will let other aspects of my life (work, home reno, etc) take over and I won’t have as much time and energy for training. If this results in my not making the time goal at the Love Run in late March, well, it is what it is. I know that right now I have to accept what I am able to do.

Saturday and Sunday I did a lot of cross-training by moving boxes and furniture. Saturday Ben and I packed and moved boxes down to the loading dock of our building so that we would be able to quickly load a U-Haul truck Sunday morning. We rented a 20-ft truck, which is supposed to be good for a 2-bedroom apt, which is what we have. We filled that truck from top to bottom and still have a bunch of stuff that we left behind. Holy heck, every time I move, I think, “I own way too much stuff.” Good thing about moving is that I finally got Ben to go through some of his race shirt “collection” and old clothes and we got rid of a bunch. We could probably still reduce in what we own. After we loaded the truck, we drove to Brooklyn to unload the boxes. Meanwhile it began to snow. We moved our belongings until it got dark. We had hoped that we would have running water in the house, but unfortunately Mother Nature isn’t cooperating with us, so our pipes are still frozen. No water = Inhabitable house. We went to bed early after eating dinner (I had the foresight to pack food that we could reheat with a microwave and hot water) so that we could wake up early to finish unloading. Monday morning, we finished unloading by 8:30 and drove back to Jersey City to return the truck and to go back “home.”

For now, we’re back home in Hoboken. During this entire process, I’ve been very grateful that we (well, really Ben because he bought our condo long before he ever met me) own where we currently live. This gives us a lot of flexibility because we’re not on a lease where we must leave by a certain date. Most of our belongings are in Brooklyn, but we’re living in Hoboken with some of our stuff. We still need to do more home renovation and wait for warmer weather to thaw our pipes. We’ll probably officially move to Brooklyn in a couple of weeks.

It was a tough week.

Hello March. What do you have in store for me?

6 thoughts on “Week 11 MyASICS Half Marathon Training

  1. I agree with Helly. Rough weeks happen. I’ve definitely had a few of them recently. You have so much going on with the move and this weather isn’t helping anyway. I’m fully confident that you are going to do great in this half!

    • Thanks for your support. Sometimes I look back at my old races where I did really well and wonder, “How the heck did I pull that off!!??!!” After a bad week, it seems beyond what I can do, which is a silly thought because objectively I know I’m in better shape now than I was last year. Much of running is mental and I have my low moments, despite knowing better.

  2. Would you recommend the Myasic’s app? I’m going to use it for a half marathon and was wondering is it worth while to use

    • I wasn’t able to finish the training plan because I got too busy with work, moving, and home renovation. Someone else I know used with with success to get a PR on her half. If you like tempo runs, it’s a good plan to use.

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