Five Follow Friday

Why do you read certain blogs? What are you looking for in a (running) blog?

Inspiration? Relatability? Information? Entertainment?

If you look at my blog roll (which is actually much longer than what you can see), I follow a fairly eclectic group. Some are faster than me; some are slower. Some are mothers of young children (which I am not). Some are much younger than me and just starting out. A few give lots of detailed reviews and information about products and scientific studies. Some write nothing more than personal stories of their lives. Some aren’t running blogs at all.

Any blog I follow, I follow because I find what they write interesting in some way. They have a perspective and I learn from what they write. I thought I would take a few minutes today to highlight a few blogs.

  1. Running Research Junkie: A blog devoted to discussing and reviewing studies related to running. In all honesty, when I started off my blog, I thought I would do more of this type of writing considering my background and work. I don’t do much of it at all because it’s easier and faster for me to write the kind of posts that I do write, rather than thinking about and analyzing empirical studies for a lay audience. I’m glad that Craig does this and that I get to read it.
  2. Entirely Amelia: The intersection of transgender and running. As niche blogs go, this is about as niche as you get. She writes about transgender issues and running, sometimes interrelated such as, discussing performance before and after transition, and safety (read this well-written post about street harassment and concerns about safety as a transgender runner). I learn a lot about trans issue and the points she brings up make me carefully think about my own privilege and my assumptions about gender and transgender people.

    On a side note: Natalie DiBlasio wrote a great post as well about why she is afraid to run at night.

  3. Fit and Feminist: The intersection of feminism and running. I wish I could write half as many thoughtful posts as Caitlin. Caitlin eloquently articulates my own inchoate thoughts about feminism as related to sports. I truly respect what she has to say.
  4. The T-Rex Runner: A beloved blogger and Marathon Maniac who writes it all. While I do love the humor that she brings to many of her posts, what cemented this blog as a must-read for me is the honesty and straightforwardness that she writes with. Whether it’s ranting about what’s bugging her lately or being open and explaining her history with eating disorder. (By the way, I highly recommend reading her Eating Disorder Series, where she discusses her perspective with anorexia and bulimia  [warning: could be triggering] I really learned and it explained for me questions that I had about people with eating disorders.) Also, she is a fellow Headsweats Ambassador.
  5. A Runners Remix: A Singaporean ultra-trail runner and fellow Simple Hydration Run Simple Team member. I know nothing about ultras. It’s a fascinating world.

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