Week 9 MyASICS Half Marathon Training Plan


Monday: 5.5 miles (8:06 – 8:27 pace)
Thursday: 5.5 miles (8:04 – 8:27 pace)
Saturday: 11 miles (8:43 – 9:36 pace)

What I Did

Monday: 1 mile (7:55 pace)
The gym was hot and I was tired. I could not run.

Thursday: 3 miles (7:48 pace)
It’s winter so everyone in my building decided that the gym is a great place to turn into a sauna. It’s warmer now in the gym than it is in the summer. There’s something wrong when the gym is cooler in the summertime than it is in winter. I died running those three miles.

Saturday: 6 miles (9:02)
A cold, cold, frigid day (the day before the coldest day in 20 years in the NYC area) = warmest day in 20 years in the gym. Seriously, the colder it gets outside, the more likely my gym resembles a oven. Who heats up a gym to 80+ degrees????? Even though I loved watching the NYRR Millrose Games, I had to stop running. The heat was causing all sorts of troubles (side stitch, heart burn, nausea). Meanwhile all the walkers in their full sweatshirts and sweatpants were happily walking on the treadmills beside me.

Total mileage: 10 miles

I was supposed to run way more miles, but I ran the least number of miles since I started training. I’m really not a run in the heat runner, nor am I a run in the frigid cold runner. I admire people who went out in the arctic /blast, but I can’t bring myself to do the same.

Ben and I have been busy with doing more house renovation. I’m so glad that I decided that I would do my first full marathon in the fall, rather than in the spring as I originally planned. I couldn’t imagine trying to squeeze in marathon training in the middle of all this madness. I’m having enough trouble with half marathon training.

It was a bad week in terms of training. There’s more upheaval in the forecast as we try to do more big house reno projects before we move in. Right now the order of importance in my life goes: sleep (always sleep because otherwise my health suffers too greatly), work, house stuff, wedding planning, and running. Sometimes other aspects of life need to come before training and this is okay.

2 thoughts on “Week 9 MyASICS Half Marathon Training Plan

  1. Training for spring marathons are hard and way too stressful! Glad you picked a fall one! I put sleep before everything as well! If I’m tired I get sick, if I’m sick I can’t do anything so sleep always wins!

  2. Five to six years ago, I put just about everything ahead of sleep. I was sick so much. Finally three years ago, I said, “‘Eff this,” and began going to bed. I figured my health was more important than dying at work. I thought work would comment that I was less productive, but no one has said anything. Since I’m not sick as much, I can do more with less time.

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