Week 5 MyASICS Half Marathon Training

Week 5! MyASICS asked me to do two 5.5-mile tempo  (8:08-8:29 pace) and one 8.5-mile long run (8:45-9:30 pace).

Kauai Multiuse Trail

Kauai Multiuse Trail

On Monday I ran 5.5 miles at 8:18 pace (45:41). Wednesday I ran 5.5 miles at 8:11 pace (44:58). Today, Friday, I ran 8.5 miles at 8:51 pace (1:15:09). All of these runs took place on Kauai Multiuse Path, which is a beautiful 8-mile stretch by the ocean along the eastern side of Kauai. There’s a gentle incline as you run north. Along with phenomenal  ocean views, we saw whales and a seal while running. I’ll miss running here.

While our friends were moaning about the Arctic blast that froze the East Coast, we were enjoying lovely mild (and sometimes humid) weather here in Hawaii. We’re a little unhappy at the thought of returning to the cold in a couple of days. We’ve been having tons of fun hiking, driving around, sightseeing, eating, drinking, and having lots of relaxation time on hammocks.

Over easy eggs on tamales at Kountry Kitchen.

Over easy eggs on tamales at Kountry Kitchen.

Shave ice

Shave ice at Ono Ono Shave Ice

I’m kinda crazy about shave ice, which is a much better version of snow cones. The ice is finely shaved, so the texture is very soft and almost creamy. There’s a huge variety of different flavored syrups. I love adding vanilla ice cream it (hidden in the center) because it gives it an additional texture and flavor. This huge cone is only $3.50 ($4.50 total if you add ice cream).

Vegan ice cream - whipped frozen fruit

Vegan ice cream – whipped frozen fruit

Ben was a big fan of the whipped frozen fruit ice cream. They freezed fruit and then it’s whipped. The texture is very smooth and creamy. Ben tried strawberry, mango, and banana. Banana was Ben’s favorite.

Hammock time!

Hammock time!

In Kauai, we stayed in a house through Airbnb. It’s a cool house with a yard full of fruit trees. Every morning the owner gathers fresh fruit (this time of year, oranges, bananas, and avocados) for guests to eat. The bananas are small apple bananas that have fantastic flavor. They’re very sweet and taste like candied apples. We love them. We became friends with one of the guests (a cool Canadian). Now it’s a couple of days in Honolulu before heading home. We’d be sad about going back, but we miss our puppy.

12 thoughts on “Week 5 MyASICS Half Marathon Training

  1. Wow, that trail looks amazing to run on! Great job on your tempos & long run this week! What I’d give for a warm, humid, run right now 🙂
    That whipped frozen fruit sounds delicious- but definitely like a warm weather treat.

    • Thanks! Warm, humid runs always sound appealing in winter. It’s so funny being in Hawaii where they’re used to warmer temperatures. One morning it was 70 degrees, and we saw all the Hawaiians whipping out their sweatshirts and coats.

  2. It looks so beautiful there! That shave ice and whipped fruit looks pretty awesome as well. I’ve always wanted to live where I could have my own avocado tree, maybe I can grow one inside. Glad you met a cool Canadian, most Canadians are ; )

    • Hahaha, we had fun hanging out with the Canadian. Ben and I love ragging on people, and he took it so well. He also saw that Ben and I ragged on each other just as hard, so he realized that we meant nothing by what we said.

      I miss having fruit in the backyard. There’s something really nice about wandering outside and grabbing breakfast off a tree.

    • It’s pretty easy when the weather’s nice and the running route even nicer. Ben’s great about keeping me company while training so I have no excuses. It was thrilling to run and to see whales out on the ocean.

    • It’s been 10 years since I’ve been to Honolulu and Maui. Kauai was the first for the both of us. We were in Honolulu for only a couple of days and didn’t leave Waikiki – the Times Square of Honolulu. We ate at Marukame Udon – AMAZE-BALLS!!!!

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