Laziest Halloween Costume Ever

Last Saturday Ben and I were invited to a Halloween party that was thrown by my friend, Belle. It was a costume party and neither one of us had costumes, nor the foresight to go get costumes, nor much imagination or creativity. We’re both the type of people who are happy to wear costumes, but we hate coming up with ideas and fashioning them. It was about an hour before we had to leave, so we were wandering around our apartment wondering what we could do.

Finally I threw my hands up in the air and announced, “I’m going as a marathoner!”

Ben blinked at me.

“It’s the night before the [NYC] marathon. It’s apropos.” I argued. Then I hurriedly grabbed my running clothes and every piece of running accessory, including Ben’s brilliant idea of a fuel belt, my bib from that morning’s race, and the biggest gaudiest finisher’s medal that we had (Ben’s Disney marathon). You might think it’s cheating to dress up as something I do in my regular life, but here’s the thing – I’m not a marathoner. I haven’t run a marathon (yet). So it was good. Belle, who has completed the NYC Marathon, laughed and appreciated my costume. She complimented me on getting a costume that required no additional money to fashion.


Ben wore one of his suits (with a vest) and a mask from Sleep No More. We couldn’t decide if he was an audience member in Sleep No More or if he were a party guest from the movie Eyes Wide Shut. Also a success.

Next year I think I’m going to go as a “sexy” marathoner. LOL.

Sunday morning we watched a very windy NYC Marathon. We were really happy about Meb’s and Desi’s very strong placing in the marathon. During the broadcast we heard something puzzling from the announcers, who said that a Japanese runner was very controversial without any further explanation. The next day SuperGenericGirl (super cool NZ blogger who does a lot of trail running) tweeted this article about that runner, Yuki Kawauchi, a full-time salary-man who beats the pants off the professional Japanese runners who are fully supported. He’s unbelievable and the article is well worth reading.

13 thoughts on “Laziest Halloween Costume Ever

  1. Totally NOT lazy. You look GREAT! If my daughter hadn’t picked my costume out for me this year, I probably would have been the same thing (and I almost did dress in my running gear to go to the office that day).

    • Thanks, Salt! On days where I can shut myself in my office, I have gone in wearing my workout clothes (with the intention that I was going to go exercise afterward). One of my colleagues regularly shows up wearing her tennis outfit. No one cares.

  2. This costume is hilarious. And Yuki is amazing. I interviewed him a few days before the marathon (via a translator). Asked him if he’s tempted to get funded, train professionally for a year and run just 1 or 2 marathons to see how fast he could REALLY go, instead of the 10 marathons a year he usually does. Nope. He marches to the beat of his own drum.

  3. Yes, he does and I love that about him. These days it’s so tempting to be cookie cutter and not say or do anything in order to not alienate anyone. Do I get to read your interview with Yuki anywhere anytime soon?

    • Sadly, no. I didn’t record it and took just a few notes. I was getting background on lots of the pros that day. It was more informational in preparation to announce at the marathon. When Yuki briefly took the lead, I got to tell the crowd in the stands at the finish line all about him.

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