Racing Away with Our Stolen Hearts – Bandit!

BanditBen and I added to our family! This is Bandit, our 10-week old smooth fox terrier. We picked her up Saturday evening.

Ben and I wanted a dog for a long time. We both actually wanted a dog before we had ever met each other. We grew up with dogs, but as single adults, we felt that we didn’t have the time to take proper care of a dog. We talked about getting a dog last year. In fact we spent a year plus discussing and researching what kind of dog would be right for us. We were looking for the magical unicorn dog – small to medium-sized, low grooming maintenance, minimal shedding, non-barking, a fast runner, and very cute looking. There were many breeds and hybrids that were possibilities, but we had to strike them out for one non-negotiable reason or another. Finally we settled on a smooth fox terrier as having most of qualities that we were looking for and we were willing to deal with not quite meeting the other qualities.

We decided to wait on getting a dog until we moved. Moving hasn’t happened yet and we’re not sure when it’s going to happen (it will happen, but there many moving parts). I got a bit tired of waiting and told Ben that my puppy biological clock was ticking. There were more discussion about the logistics of having a pet and so on. We found a puppy that was ready for us and we were ready to welcome Bandit into our lives.

She’s already stolen our hearts. We love her so much. She’s such a darling and so well-behaved already. The only problem (and it’s a big one) is the separation anxiety that she has. We’re training and working on her with that. It takes patience, love, and time. We have all that in spades for her.


12 thoughts on “Racing Away with Our Stolen Hearts – Bandit!

  1. I love Bandit!!! She is adorable. Separation anxiety is the worst, but it will get better. Don’t let it get to you (easier said than done). Dogs read us very well so any emotion we feel, they pick up and react to. You are going to have so many great adventures with Bandit!

    • I hope so. It’s really heart-wrenching. I was so emotionally exhausted yesterday from training her. Today Ben is working from home to train her. Thank goodness we both have flexible jobs that allow this type of freedom.

  2. LOVE!!!!! She is too cute!!!! So happy for you guys! We almost got a wire fox terrier. We were on the rescue list waiting for a match when Cinderella came along. The issues will work out with time. Cinderella wouldn’t potty on a leash for almost a year when we first got her (a big problem in NYC). We had to take her to a dog park 3 times a day!! But with consistent work and training, she got there. Now she goes in the street like a normal New York dog. Can’t wait to see more pics of Bandit!

    • Thanks! It’s been very reassuring to hear that just about everyone has/had some sort of problem they needed to resolve with their dog. It makes me feel that we can work this problem with her. I was at my wit’s end on Tuesday after what felt like a whole day of howling and whining (it wasn’t, but it was constant because she freaked out if I was out of her sight for one second. I’m not exaggerating about this.) After five days of training, we’ve seen so much improvement.

      Bandit doesn’t like to go potty in our courtyard. She’s scared of the other potential dogs that come along. I want to kill everyone who says that puppies need to go potty every 1-2 hours. They haven’t met Bandit when she’s out in the courtyard. We’re using a pee pad for now, while also working on getting her more comfortable with the courtyard.

  3. For some reason the picture didn’t show up in feedly and I was about to kill you for not posting one but now I see it here! He’s friggin’ cute! Good doggy.

    • Hahaha! I’m glad that I posted a photo so you wouldn’t kill me.

      Bandit is very adorable and my phone is quickly filling up with her pictures. I’m now one of those crazy dog owners who ask everyone if they want to see my dog.

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