Review: Keeping Cool with Icy Feet

Icy Feet

Icy Feet

Is the heat getting to you?

Or have you injured your foot and need to ice it?

Or do you have a medical condition that requires that you ice your feet?

For several years now there have been nights when Ben has burning feet syndrome. At night his feet feel painfully hot. Through somewhat haphazard trial and error, we figured out what causes his feet to burn (eating a huge dinner, especially if there’s a ton of red meat. The more red meat he eats, the hotter his feet burn at night. Seriously, we could brand cattle with his feet.). It doesn’t happen every night, only when he eats a lot of red  meat for dinner. Since it doesn’t happen every night (or even most nights) it’s not something serious enough for us to go to the doctor about. But when he does has have hot feet, it does get uncomfortable for him.

Before we figured out what caused his burning feet, Ben thought he got it randomly. His feet would be so painfully hot that he couldn’t sleep at night. When his feet got too hot, he got out of bed to ice his feet. He used either ice packs or applied ice cubes to his feet. Sometimes he even gave himself an ice foot bath. Still no matter which method he used, it was less than ideal. He had to get out of bed in the middle of the night (because he tried to see if he could just sleep it off for a while). Each method meant that he was out of bed and sitting up, rather than sleeping. Melting ice cubes created a huge wet mess. Ice packs were less of a mess, but he still had to sit up and apply it to his feet. The ice foot bath was cumbersome (and he still had to sit up when all Ben wanted to do was go to sleep).

We went on like this for a couple of years, when last May I discovered Icy Feet. Icy Feet is a cold pack specifically designed to be worn on feet. Craig Snyder, the owner and inventor of Icy Feet, is a lifelong athlete who suffered from plantar fasciitis. Tired of the constant drudgery of icing his feet, he came up with Icy Feet. Icy Feet’s design with high arches and recessed heal cups to provide full bottom foot contact provides constant icing relief.

I was really excited about this product because occasionally I suffer from plantar fasciitis on my right foot. Icy Feet seemed like a great product for the both of us. I contacted Craig Snyder and he graciously provided a pair of Icy Feet for us to try and review.

Ben's feetThe Good

It WORKS. It seriously works. When I was on the phone with Craig to talk about Icy Feet, I explained Ben’s medical condition. Craig quickly said, “Oh, he’ll love it. Everyone who ever uses Icy Feet loves it.” I listened, but I took what Craig said with a grain of salt. After all, he’s the owner and inventor of Icy Feet. Of course, he’ll have nothing but praises for his product. When Ben complained about his hot feet, I pulled out Icy Feet from the freezer. You have to wear socks with Icy Feet, otherwise you’ll get freeze burns. Ben complained about putting on socks, but once Icy Feet was strapped onto his feet, nothing but cooling relief. He quieted down, smiled, and slipped into a state of blissful nirvana. “Oh, this is really good,” he said. This a BIG endorsement from Ben. He’s not at all a fan of gimmicks and is generally a minimalist when it comes to buying products (he tries to see what we already have at home to make do instead).

It’s comfortable. Icy Feet’s design provide full contact with the bottom of your foot. The two straps keep the packs where they belong on your feet.

It’s very easy to use. Throw them in the freezer. When you need them, put on your socks, sit down and strap on Icy Feet.

No fuss, no mess. Ben wore them to bed and I worried about our sheets getting soaked from the condensation. I didn’t need to worry at all. Yes, there was a bit of dampness at first, but very little and the sheets quickly dried.

Best of all, Icy Feet allows you to ice your feet comfortably. Icy Feet frees your hands from holding ice/ice packs on your feet. You don’t need to be sitting the entire time. You can lay down and sleep, which is what Ben wanted most of all. With Icy Feet, Ben was able to go to sleep at night.

You can purchase just one or a pair depending upon your needs. If you only have problems with your right foot, then you can  buy just the right foot Icy Feet. This means that you don’t have to pay for what you don’t need. I like that.

The Bad

The only drawback to Icy Feet is that you can’t walk with it. You have to sit or lay down. If you want to walk, you have to take it off. It would be great if for Icy Feet 2.0, there was something on the bottom of Icy Feet to provide traction so you would walk around and stand with it. Ben didn’t think not being able to stand and walk were that much of a drawback because he had me to do everything for him. 🙂

The Ugly


The Verdict

Icy Feet is a great product that fully delivers on its promise. Ben loves Icy Feet so much that I didn’t get to use it at all the first few weeks we had it. If you need to ice your feet on a regular basis, I completely recommend Icy Feet. Even if you don’t have a medical condition, but you stand and are on your feet all day, you can use Icy Feet to provide relief and as a preventative measure.

You can buy Icy Feet here. A single Icy Feet costs $29.99 and a pair is $57.50. Shipping and handling is $6.99. Very reasonable for a product that you’ll use over and over again.

As for us, we always have Icy Feet in the freezer ready for us to use whenever we might need it. We’re fans.

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