Mini-Mussel Musselman Sprint in Photos

This is a photo version of my triathlon

I’m so tired after swimming for 30 minutes.
Ugh, I’m not done. I need to bike now.


I’m smiling and pretending like there’s nowhere else I would rather be than on this bike. In reality, I’d kill to be sitting down and not moving right now.


Run, Elle, run! The finish line is right there!


Yay! I crossed the finish line. I survived! It’s over.

12 thoughts on “Mini-Mussel Musselman Sprint in Photos

  1. OMG! I love these!! You look awesome in all of them and not at all like this was your first time doing a tri, especially not one that you didn’t train for! The swimming part still scares me to death.

    • I thank God every day that it was wetsuit legal. I wouldn’t have made it otherwise. My biggest problem is that I don’t relax enough while swimming so I tire myself out faster.

  2. You look fierce (even on the bike). I’m smiling once I’m out of the water (as soon as a catch my breath) as I’m just so happy to get that part done.

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