Haphazard Tri Training and Ice Cream Social

I’m slowly getting back into training mode. A long stint with bronchitis derailed my spring training. I was progressing quite nicely and had an awesome time at DC’s Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, when I got sick and stayed sick. I ran a little, but I couldn’t really push my body without incurring an asthma attack. You may be able to run through pain, but you can’t run for long if you can’t breathe. Truth.

I was slowly getting better in June, but bronchitis decided to stick around a little longer when I went off to Peru. Cold air and lots of dust weren’t the best things to happen to my lungs, but I have absolutely no regrets about that trip. (Photos and posts to come when my camera comes back from being repaired). Plus I wasn’t running while in Peru. Lots of hiking, but no running. And maybe some unintentional altitude training because I was up 10,000+ feet in elevation. But essentially late April through a good part of July, there was minimal training (if at all) going on. Being back home with the warmer air has been good for my lungs. Bronchitis is clearing up and I occasionally having coughing fits now. Previously I had one every morning.

After a long sojourn from intensive training, I coax myself back to training by either doing short fast intervals or a long leisurely slow run. I even did a few sessions in the name of tri training. I got into a pool once and swam a few laps. I’ll swim again later this afternoon. I did a couple short brick sessions (spinning for 30 minutes and a short run) these last few days. Still minimal training for a tri, but I’m not trying to win any awards here. I just want to survive the NYC tri. Once the tri is over, I’ll assess where I am in terms of my fitness level and think about what my goal for Bird-in-Hand Half will be.

Popsicles at Hester Street Fair

Popsicles at Hester Street Fair

On Sunday my friend Edie and I went to an ice cream social at the Hester Street Fair, in the Lower East Side. The Hester Street Fair has really grown in the last few years. It’s a weekly outdoor market on the weekends with tons of artisinal food, vintage clothing, crafts, and jewelry. This past weekend, HSF hosted an ice cream social where pretty much every small local ice cream/popsicle maker in NYC came. You know I love my ice cream, so when Edie told me about this, I had to go.

There were several vendors and we had a hard time deciding which ones we wanted to try. I got a strawberry basil popsicle from Mom and Popsicles. It was very refreshing. Edie got a chocolate-covered pineapple from TropPops. She also visited the free ice cream toppings bar from Rosette.

Then I stumbled upon an ice cream soda stand by Ice & Vice and Frittering Away, a small batch lemonade company. Ice & Vice is one of my favorite ice cream vendors in NYC. They’re an experimental ice cream pop-up shop, primarily based out of LIC Flea. I love Ice & Vice for their innovative and novel flavor combinations (poppy seed and brown bread croutons, or milk chocolate and hickory smoke, or Mexican Vanilla and Black Lava sea salt, anyone?). I go to LIC Flea in Long Island City, Queens from all the way in Hoboken just for Ice & Vice. When I saw one of the Ice & Vice guys behind the stand, I squealed LOUDLY. People surrounding me were quite startled because when I shriek, I really shriek. He was quite happy to see me and immediately said, “I know what you’re getting – Hester Prynne. It’s the last one. We only have enough ingredients to make one more and you’re getting it.” He knows my taste. The Hester Prynne is cardamom ice cream (I ADORE cardamom) with Frittering Away’s Apricot Ginger Lemonade and topped with seltzer. It was scrumptious. The blend of cardamom and apricot pairs really well together. For $6, it was a bargain gourmet ice cream float.

Having a Hester Prynne with Ice & Vice and Frittering Away

Having a Hester Prynne with Ice & Vice and Frittering Away

After stuffing ourselves with ice cream and popsicles, Edie and I went to Prosperity Dumpling, a complete hole-in-the-wall restaurant that many New Yorkers know and love. They’re famous for their dirt cheap and tasty dumplings (4 for $1, steamed, boiled, or fried). You can buy a bag of 50 frozen dumplings for $9. You can absolutely stuff yourself for a few dollars. Who says New York City is expensive?

5 thoughts on “Haphazard Tri Training and Ice Cream Social

  1. An ice cream social!!!??? How amazing!! I wouldn’t know where to begin at such an event, but I know I’d eat way too much and love every second of it!! I totally want ice cream now.

  2. Looks like you’re having fun while you get back your fitness! I love hole in the walls. I remember some fun ones in NYC on my visits. Sadly one of them is closed now – Chumleys. And ha – that curly haired gal almost had a perfect photo-bomb, she just needed to look at the camera!

    • After not running steadily for a long while, I had a hard time motivating myself to get started. Now that I’m back exercising regularly, I look forward to it. I woke up this morning eager to get to the gym to knock out a run.

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