Relaxing in Fort Lauderdale

We have a one day rest day in Fort Lauderdale before we go back home tomorrow. You know how people claim they need a vacation after a vacation? Well, this is our post-vacation vacation. We’re staying at our favorite hotel in Hollywood, FL, Westin Diplomat. It’s right on the beach and has several lovely amenities, including the RunWestin program, where you can rent running clothes and shoes for $5. I’ve used it before and I’ll be using it again to run on the boardwalk.

I’m blissed out in being clean, warm, and comfortable.


6 thoughts on “Relaxing in Fort Lauderdale

  1. LUCKY! It’s so gorgeous there and what a cool way to rent clothes and shoes! I’ve never heard of anything like that before. Enjoy your last day of vacation and I hope you have safe travels home!

    • It’s soooo nice because shoes can take up so much space. Plus you can keep the socks, which are worth $5-6 anyway. They also have a running concierge who will take you out on your run in the morning for free. Westin has great perks.

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