It’s a Fast Paced Engaged Life

IMG_2100Ben and I are engaged!

Ben actually proposed last April, but I’m only now getting around to posting about this now because I wanted to make sure that I told as many of my friends in person as I could. Because many of my friends don’t live in NYC, it took a while (and some I just had to call or email).

Ben proposed the night before the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler. We had an early dinner with my friends and then he took me to Barmini, Jose Andres’ experimental cocktail bar. If you like highly innovative, creative, and unique cocktails, you must go to Barmini. We had a couple lovely drinks. Ben suggested that we go for a walk because “it was so nice out.” I agreed because it was still early.

We strolled along the National Mall. Then out of nowhere fireworks lit the horizon. I squealed and asked how Ben knew there would be fireworks. Ben confessed that he had no idea that that this was all a happy coincidence. We watched the fireworks and when they finished we continued on to the Washington Monument. Ben originally thought he would propose there, but unbeknownst to him, there was still fencing around the monument. He panicked a bit and said that we should continue on our walk because again “it was so nice out.” I said okay, but I was a bit confused because normally before a race Ben is usually gung-ho about resting and not walking.

We made out way to the World War II Monument, which during the late evening is rather beautiful with all the lit fountains. People were still milling about. We slowly strolled around. There were signs for the different American territories and states. They didn’t seem to be in any order. We read them aloud as we walked past them trying to figure out what the order might be. I pointed out that California and Oregon (where we are originally from) were right next to each other “just like us.” At that moment, Ben pulled me between the two signs and asked, “Will you do me the favor of marrying me?” as he pulled the ring out of his breast pocket.

I gasped. I hugged him and said yes, of course. In the excitement, Ben didn’t hear me say yes, so he asked, “Just to be sure, you did say yes, right?” I laughed and reassured him that I very enthusiastically said yes.

We’re very happy and excited to start a new chapter of our life together.

18 thoughts on “It’s a Fast Paced Engaged Life

    • Thank you! We’re very happy and excited. I’ve gone into wedding planning mode. It can be quite overwhelming with all the choices, but I know in the end, the only thing that matters is having Ben with me.

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