Go, Sister, Swirl Sister, Sport Sister


#SwirlOn #SwirlStrong

You are looking at SwirlGear‘s and Girls Gone Sporty‘s new ambassador! I got the good news just before the new year for both within a few days of each other.

SwirlGear is a new women’s sportswear line founded by Lacie Whyte and based in Chicago, IL. SwirlGear’s running apparel is focused on expressing fun (distinctive spray-dye shirts) and comfort, while you’re out running your heart out. I love its message helping women achieve their goals through feeling good about what you wear. It’s not about being “sexy” or “cute” for the sake of appearance, but being comfortable so that the clothes are *not* a distraction while you’re working hard and having it be an expression of strength and spirit. Currently the line has several tops (short and long-sleeved shirts, a running jacket, and a couple hoodies) and a couple shorts. I can’t wait to see what else SwirlGear will have to offer. Check them out and if they have anything you’re interested in, you can use this code: swirlon to receive free ground shipping.

Girls Gone Sporty is a community of fitness-oriented women, who encourage and support each other as they pursue their goals and live an active and healthy lifestyle. It’ a broad community of runners, yogis, Cross-fitters, weightlifters, and practitioners of other activities. Along with the focus of being active, there are articles and discussions about food, reviews on fitness gear, interviews with athletes, and much more.

The main reason why I’m happy and excited about being an ambassador for SwirlGear and Girls Gone Sporty is that I’m taking a more active role in being a part of the larger running community. Being a part of these organizations will open opportunities for me to connect with other runners, bloggers, and readers. I really enjoy talking to and meeting bloggers and readers. Beyond the health benefits of exercise, I love how a commitment to an active lifestyle brings a community of people together.

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