Baby, it’s COLD outside!

20140107-125445.jpgOh, the weather outside is frightful

20140107-125503.jpgBut California is so delightful
And since I’ve got a home to go
I’m gonna fly! Let it be cold! Let it snow!

Pardon me for mixing up the title of one song and the lyrics of another (not to mention doing a hatchet job in changing the lyrics too). Yes, it’s brutally cold in Midwest and East Coast. Being from California, I’ve never came around to liking cold winters. I tolerate it, but I don’t like it. This is why I always look forward to flying back home (no matter how many years I’ve moved away from CA, I still consider CA home) for winter. I’m going to have a week of glorious warm sunny weather. I don’t care what East Coasters say about how winter is supposed to be cold. Don’t knock 70 F for Christmas until you experienced it. It’s fabulous. I’m flying out tonight. Ben will join me later this week.


Lux Layer. Taken from

For those of you who must continue to endure the polar vortex, I have a couple recommendations that will help you keep warmer while outside.

Review Oiselle’s Lux Layer

The Good

It truly does live up to its description of being “luxurious, velvety fabric.” It’s warm and oh so comfortable. I tend to wear this more around in the house when I’m lounging around than while running because if it’s actually cold enough to wear Lux Layer, I don’t actually want to go outside to run.

It’s snug, but comfortable, and a nice looking top.

I have worn it while running a few times in the brisk cold. It was great. I was warm, but not hot while out running hard. The layer is fairly thin, so I didn’t feel bulky while dressing for warmth.

Lux Layer comes with thumbholes, which is great because no cold air can seep in between the crack of the sleeve and glove.

The Bad

Thumbholes! I have a love-hate relationship with thumbholes. I like them when they’re useful (see above), but I find them annoying when I don’t need them. I don’t like having all that extra fabric around my wrist when I’m not using the thumbholes. Honestly it’s not a big deal and this is more my own personal thing.

The price at $76 is within normal price range for name brand product. I just don’t like it because I wish it were cheaper so I can buy more of them. Oiselle often has specials and sales, so keep an eye out to get these at a discount.

The Ugly


The Verdict

If you’re in the market for a bit of a splurge for a great warm base layer, I definitely recommend Oiselle’s Lux Layer.

jofit jacket

Jofit Manhattan Jumper Jacket.
Taken from

Review of Jofit’s Manhattan Jumper JacketJofit is a company that you may not have heard of. They primarily focus on athletic wear for golf and tennis.

The Good

I love, love, love, love, love THIS pullover.

It’s stylishly casual, so I can go out and wear this while meeting friends and look like I just rolled out of bed. I adore the asymmetrical collar. It’s a wonderful detail that adds to its charms.

It’s very warm. Too warm to wear for running for most occasions (today is cold enough) if you’re running hard. I recommend this more as a post-run or post-race wear.

I wear this just about every freaking day. I don’t like wearing sportswear when I’m going out to see people, even if it’s good friends because the look is too casual for my own personal style. But this pullover is so gorgeous that I happily wear it to casual functions.

The Bad

My usual problem with thumbholes.

I dislike the kangaroo pouch in the front. It takes away from the stylishness of the pullover in my opinion. Also as a runner, kangaroo pouches are useless because items can fall out. I would have preferred a different type of pocket.

The price! Jofit Manhattan Jumper Jacket normally retails above $100 (range: $106-116), which is quite spendy. But I was able to find it at for less than their listed price $73.95  because I was able to combine their low price with some sales promotion that they were doing. The pullover is pricier than what I would normally spend for a sweater, but it’s so beautiful, warm, comfortable, and versatile that I was able to justify its price.

The Ugly

Absolutely none!

The Verdict

If you need a warm outerwear that you can wear to your training runs, races, and casual get togethers with friends, this is it!


Keep warm!

4 thoughts on “Baby, it’s COLD outside!

  1. You are adorable and I love that pullover! The asymmetrical zipper is awesome.
    I hope you have a wonderful trip back home! It’s times like this that I REALLY miss LA weather! (I lived out there for a few years!)

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