Support a Runner with a Shirt ON Your Back

Last week Leo Manzano, silver medalist for the 1500 meters in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, launched a new business model to support himself. He has been without a sponsor since November 2012. In order to continue running and training, Manzano decided to design and sell shirts. He has two designs right now and the first one already sold out.


Sold out


Available $20

If you’re interested in supporting Leo Manzano, go visit his website and buy a shirt here (or let him know you want the blue and white sold out one).



Another running blogger (or is it blogging runner?) whom I discovered is Cait Chock. She is an incredibly talented runner (she was a member of the Nike Oregon Project before a tragic hit-and-run accident cut short her professional running career and you can read about her experience with Nike Oregon Project here) and equally talented artist. I found Cait’s blog while haphazardly browsing the internet for interesting and cool bloggers.

I adore Cait’s whimsical artwork along with her thoughtful writing. If you’re interested in checking out Cait’s work (and perhaps purchasing one of her great running shirts), check out her site, The Arty Runnerchick. If you’re a funDisney fan, particularly Disney Princess, you’ll love this “Life’s Better with Legs” shirt.


From Available for $36.50 plus shipping

I also really love this Run Your Fortune shirt.

From Available for $30 plus shipping

From Available for $30 plus shipping


11 thoughts on “Support a Runner with a Shirt ON Your Back

  1. It’s amazing to me how many pro runners don’t have sponsors. Jason Hartmann is another one. It boggles my mind. I love the Griffin shirt and Cait’s shirts too. Though, as a little girl on swim team, I used to pretend I was a mermaid. I still love swimming almost as much as running 🙂 It’s just a lot harder to get to the pool and workout than throw on shoes and head out the door.

      • That’s a great idea! Ariel is obv the swimmer and Cinderella obv the runner…she runs so fast her shoes pop off! I can’t think of a princess who bikes off the top of my head. I could totally see Belle on a bike or even Tiana riding to her restaurant in 1920s New Orleans. I’ve clearly put too much thought into this.

  2. power to haphazardly searching the internet!! 😉 haha…i’m happy you found me and thank you SO much for all of your kind words, you make me blush. it also made my day hearing how much you love my art and shirts! 🙂
    on a sadder note, just like Karla said, it’s been a tough year for professional runners. 😦

  3. Yeah, with races cutting purse money to the elites and all.

    I was telling Karla in a comment above that you should do a triathlon version of the Disney Princesses. Ariel swims, _____ cycles, and Cinderella runs. I don’t know which one should cycle. Not sure if any of the Princesses were on a bike. Maybe Belle.

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