Fantastic Redesign of Athlinks

athlinks_pageAthlinks is the largest repository of race results. Don’t remember what your time was in a 5k 10 years ago? Athlinks probably has it. Heck, it even had a race result of mine from several years ago that I had forgotten that I had done.

I went to Athlinks today. Instead of the old, garish, jumbled, and busy-looking site that I was used to, there was a beautiful, clean, and bright looking website. It was eye-catching in a pleasing way, conveyed lots of information, and yet still retained a modern minimalistic look. I was blown away. And this was just from the home page.

I eagerly logged in. The new personal pages for the Athlinks members are beautiful. Unlike before where the list of races that you had been in were in teeny tiny font and difficult to read, the layout is lovely. On top of the page, there’s a large prominent scroll for all of your PRs at various distances. Plus it indicates your Athlinks rank for each distance underneath (how fast you are at the distance compared to all runners who competed in that distance, I believe).

Then information of all the races you’ve done are underneath. The default setting is by year, but you can categorize by event type and race. Everything that I want to know about my own performance is right there in this section: Name of the race, date, location,finish place, pace, and time. Like before, if you want to comment about the race, you can by filling out race report. The race report is really cool because you can rate it for the event itself and for your own performance.

I love the new design and layout. I didn’t particularly care about exploring in Athlinks and “hanging out” because it is after all a social media site, but this new design may convince me otherwise.

Is anyone else on Athlinks? What do you think of the changes?



6 thoughts on “Fantastic Redesign of Athlinks

  1. Have you tried adding a race? Impossible on the new site. They also don’t answer queries. Until they fix that, I long for the old site

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