I’m in the New York City Triathlon!

NYCTriI’m in! It’s official, come August I’ll be swimming 1500 meters in the Hudson, then cycling 40k on Manhattan’s West Side highway, and finally running 10K in Central Park for the New York City Triathlon. Admittedly there was never any doubt that I would get in the NYC Tri. Ben very kindly made arrangements with the organization to transfer his free entry (he volunteered one year as the Mile 4 water captain) over to me. Ben will be volunteering once more. I was supposed to do my first tri (sprint) this past summer at Musselman, but I had my first DNS because I was in Russia working.

I can’t swim worth a darn. I’m a lousy cyclist. I’m a decent runner, but not when I’m tired. Yeah, this will be fun.

By the way, the NYC Tri is infamous for swimmers who used noodles to survive the swim portion in 2011. Apparently that year they had even more swimmers than usual who didn’t know how to swim and freaked out about being in open water. Even with wetsuits on, the panicked “swimmers” needed noodles. You can see it here. After seeing this, my goal for the swim portion is simple: Don’t use a noodle.


10 thoughts on “I’m in the New York City Triathlon!

  1. Exciting! As far as swims go, this is supposed to be one of the easiest ones. No mass start and a nice current to carry you down river. You can do it!

  2. I am so facepalming at the noodles. Who signs up for a triathlon when they don’t know how to swim!? *mind blown*

    Anyway, that triathlon sounds really cool. I hope you have a good time and that, yes, you make it through the swim portion without a noodle. *facepalm again*

  3. Hahaha! When Ben told me about the noodles, I was incredulous. How do people need noodles when they’re in a wetsuit?! And you have a downstream current! It’s the easiest “swim” in the world. I’m surprised that there weren’t people who needed training wheels for the cycling leg afterward.

  4. I guess if someone wants to complete a triathlon, its a pretty awesome thing to achieve and well, brag about! So if swimming wasn’t a strong, erm, thing, then I suppose, it depends on why they’re competing – for charity…It’s a big event, some people might have mis-judged their abilities and just felt safer with a float…But personally I’d want to get in as much training as possible. Enough biking on the road, enough road running and enough swimming in the pool and in the sea (even if it was in the shallow/medium end. It’s a bit more then a little dangerous if you’re not prepared!
    Good luck with your training and when the tri comes around – wish you all the best! 🙂

    • Thanks. It’ll be interesting and exciting. I’m doing this as a lark, so while I will train, I won’t take the training as seriously as I do for my road races. I’ll train enough so I won’t be a danger to myself and others.

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