Incredible News in Running/Triathlon World

Last week Danya Crawford was the overall winner of the Big Cottonwood Marathon in Utah.

Last Sunday Wilson Kipsang set the new men’s marathon world record of 2:03:23 in Berlin.

AND also last Sunday, our friend and running club member, Kelly came in 5th for her age group in her first half Ironman (she did a couple shorter distances before) in an incredible time of 5:08:03 at the Augusta 70.3. She did well enough to be offered a spot to compete in the Half Ironman World Championship in Mount Tremblant next year.

Everyone in our running club is in awe of her. She is a BEAST!!!!!!!!! We all knew she was a talented runner, but frankly she is an even more fantastic triathlete. She just started doing triathlons a few months and already she’s this incredible. We’re all very proud of her. And if she ever goes pro, Ben and I are going to say that we knew her way back when.

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