Hill Run in Hoboken

hill routeI noticed a nice long incline on Patterson Plank and another on 14th St on my drive home, and so I thought this would be a great route to do hill training.

I ran up Patterson Plank, which is a lovely long incline (over a mile long and 160 feet elevation). I quite liked running on Patterson Plank because it’s a long uninterrupted stretch with a few people. When you’re running north, to the right you have a view of Hoboken and Manhattan peaking through the leafy foliage of tree tops. There are sections with shade, so I wasn’t out in the full sun the entire time I was running. After the climb up, I had a bit of a break going downhill on 14th St. The bottom of 14th St was my turn around point. I tried to speedily run up 14th St — not a sprint, but a solid fast run up.

Back on Patterson, I was tired so I ran down comfortably. I took this time to practice running downhill. Ben says that I brake too much whenever I go downhill. I consciously thought about taking small quick light little steps.

When I was 3/4s of the way down, I remembered Blessed with Thunder Thigh‘s post about rolling hill simulations. When you have a nice long incline, rather than running it straight up, you can simulate rolling hills by running up part way, then running down a bit, and running back up, and then back down again until you’re at the top of the incline. Patterson Plank is lined with telephone poles, so I used down as my markers. I sprinted the distance of two telephone poles and then recovered by slowly jogging down to a telephone pole. I turned around, sprinted again the distance of two telephones, and slowly jogged down to a telephone pole. I did this a few times. I found it quite fun and invigorating. I loved this work out and will be doing more of this. I also really like running on Patterson Plank and recommend this area if you’re in the Hoboken area. I (and most Hoboken runners) usually run along the waterfront, but this is a good change of pace.

The total distance I ran was 4.3 miles in 32:04 (~ 9:00 pace).


8 thoughts on “Hill Run in Hoboken

    • Patterson Plank is a good road for hill training because it’s steep (but not impossibly so) and has a nice long incline. Certain sections of it are a bit narrow and watch out for the occasional cyclist.

  1. Same mind set looking for hills for the first time marathon training to resolve the issue of elevation change! Thanks! Vivid living advice!

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