Tempo Run Fail

I intended to do a tempo run (5 miles at 8:00 pace) today. The weather was pretty nice and I felt pretty good until I started running. There have been runs where my legs felt heavy for the first mile and then loosened up, but this wasn’t one of them. They felt heavy and I didn’t have the energy to push myself. I decided to abort the tempo plan and do a long slow run instead — 7.5 miles for 1 hr and 17 min (10:16 pace). I have a long run planned for Sunday (11 miles at 8:30 pace), which is pretty ambitious. If I want to run the Wineglass Half Marathon at 1:49, I’ll need  to run at a 8:20 pace. The number of training days left is trickling away, so I need to push myself.

Yesterday I went to the gym to do more weightlifting. I’m regaining my strength and I’m hoping that I’ll be back to squatting 120 lbs in a couple of months. I frequently hit a plateau with bench pressing. I stalled at 85 lbs earlier this year. I’m trying to work around this by going down in weight and increasing in volume. This is new for me. Previously I worked about my bench pressing stalls by doing accessory lifts, but it didn’t work the last time, so I’m trying volume now.

Squats (# of set, # of reps, # of lbs)Warm up 1x5x55


Bench press
Warm up 1x5x55


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