One Last Rainy Neighborhood Run

last_runI’m leaving tomorrow morning. Today is my last full day in St. Petersburg, so I honored the day by waking up early and heading out for one last neighborhood run.

It rained hard for a part of the night, but at 8 am the skies were gray and cloudy, but no rain. At some point after the first mile, a few drops fells intermittently. That was fine. I barely noticed. But just before the 3rd mile, it started to drizzle. Lightly. Again, I was fine with it because helped to keep me cool. Around the 4th mile, it was lightly raining or heavily drizzling depending upon your perspective. I had to make a decision. Cut the run early and go home? Or keep going?

I shrugged my shoulders and kept going. I was already wet from sweating. The rain wasn’t going to make me any more wet at that point frankly. I ran in the rain and tried to avoid the puddles.

Around 6 miles for about an hour. A good fun run before I go to work. One last time on my St. Petersburg running route.

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