Keeping Up with the Status Quo

Normally during my travels I gain a bit of weight. I don’t worry about it much. I tend to eat a little too well, drink a little too much, and not exercise as much I usually do. After I get back home and go back to my usual routine for a couple of weeks, I quickly go back down to my usual weight.

The hotel we had in Moscow had a scale, so I hopped on it to see how much weight I had gained. No change. While my mother was staying with me, I was eating three full meals a day and not weightlifting and running as much as I normally do on one hand, but walking around whole lot more on the other hand. Turns out that walking is an excellent way of preventing weight gain even with more eating.

Last week I put in a couple of runs in St. Petersburg. Before Ben arrived, I did a long slow run between 10 to 11 miles for about 1 hr 52 minutes. I ran to Primorskiy Park, which is on a different island than the one I’m staying at. It was a long run through the congested crowds near metro stops, construction, and along a canal until I reached the park. The park itself was peaceful and nice.

Ben and I did a quick little tempo run a couple days ago. I suggested that we run back home from my work after I was done. The total distance was 2.5 miles and we did it in about 17 minutes. Because we wanted to simply have fun with it, we didn’t keep exact time. Ben followed my lead and I put in a decent pace. Then I began slowly picking up speed, until the final stretch where I sprinted toward home. I enjoyed this work out because I rarely practice in running faster and faster. I have a terrible kick and I tend to fade in the end. Ben told me that these types of work outs will help me with developing a kick.

My time in St. Petersburg is coming to an end soon. I’m enjoying my time here as much as I can because I’ll be back in NY soon.

4 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Status Quo

  1. Super impressive that you haven’t gained weight! I almost always do when I travel, just because I’m “eating out” all my meals instead of making them myself. Hope you enjoy your last few days abroad. Savor it!

  2. I’ve learned to keep meals simple while traveling. That plus running means I can enjoy the deadly desserts, which I refuse to give up, thank you. Kudos to you for finding ways to run in new environments!

    • Oooh, desserts, I love those. I also try to compensate with my meals so I don’t overindulge too much. If I have a rich meal, then I’ll skip on dessert (I’m usually too full by then too).

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