Rest and Relaxation in Moscow

While people probably don’t think about going to Moscow, Russia for RnR, Ben and I flew here to spend a couple of nights on a proper bed. Ahhhh, bliss. Over 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I didn’t realize just how poorly I had been sleeping the last couple of weeks. While the apartment is comfortable by Russian standards, I, the spoiled American, am used to better amenities. An old sagging mattress is difficult to sleep on.

Ben and I are staying at the Golden Ring Hotel. While the outside is a dull tall building, the interior is quite nice. We’ve been taking it easy by staying in last night with a bottle of Argentinian Malbec and some dark chocolate, slept in late, and took advantage of their sauna and steam room to clear out our lungs. Normally when I’m visiting a new city and I’m eager chomping on the bit to go out and sightsee, but cumulative fatigue has caught up with me. Taking it easy this morning was just the medicine.

The weather is still cloudy, grey, and threatening to drizzle at any moment.

Are you guys early birds when sightseeing and cramming in as much as you can? Or are you more the type of sleep in late and take a more leisurely pace?

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