Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. Ben and I celebrated Independence Day by going over to our friends’ house where there was a cornucopia of food and booze, and then much laughter as we played games. While we were driving back home, we could see the Macy’s fireworks show off in the horizon. So along with several other cars on the freeway, we pull off to the side to watch it. It was great!

In anticipation of all the food we were going to eat the party, we decided to do a little speed work. I ran on the treadmill for 1.5 miles at 8.6 mph (6:57 pace). It was hard work and I very much felt that I earned all the delicious babyback ribs and mac and cheese that I ate.

Ben and I have been very much enjoying the summer television schedule. We’re big fans of Tour de France, so waking up each morning to its coverage has been a delight. I’m rooting for Chris Froome in Team Sky. I thought he should have been the team leader over Bradley Wiggins last year. Ben is rooting for Tejay Van Garderen of Team BMC. The other summer program that we go crazy over is American Ninja Warrior. We discovered it last year. It’s a complex obstacle competition based on a Japanese game show. The final course called Mount Midoriyama is so difficult that in the 29 different competitions in Japan, total victory (where someone reached the end) has only occurred three times (twice by the same person). No American has ever achieved total victory. We love watching the athleticism and the thrill of the competitors nimbly (or not so nimbly) leaping, climbing, and pulling themselves through the various obstacles. You can see American Ninja Warrior on NBC Mondays at 8 pm (and there is additional coverage on cable G4 Sundays at 9 pm). Check it out!

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