Heat Training

The weather report said that today was going to be the coolest day of the week. That, along with the overcast skies, were enough to compel me into completing a long slow run. Today was the coolest day of the week, but today wasn’t at all cool. It was already 75 degrees and muggy when we headed out just after 7:30 am.

We ran along the waterfront all the way to Port Imperial at about a 9:30 pace. It was too hot to go out any faster.Going to Port Imperial and back to Hoboken was 10 miles. The heat sapped a lot of energy from me. I can’t believe that I’m capable of running faster and farther in cooler weather. I couldn’t imagine doing that now. I’m acclimating to the heat. I did a LSD a couple weeks ago and I ran more slowly, so I’m pleased to be running a bit faster now.

The other thing I notice about running in heat or when I do a hard run is how I hydrate. I find that when I’m really dehydrated and likely low on electrolytes, I’m thirsty, but water doesn’t quench my thirst. When I first started running, I drank and drank water, but felt rather unsatisfied and continued to feel thirst. Later on I realized that I sweated quite a bit and I needed more than just plain water. Nowadays whenever I find myself in this state, I drink water mixed with Nuun, or some watered down juice. Because it’s hot, it’s important to hydrate. But if you’re exercising for an extensive period of time and/or exercising intensely, one needs to be careful not to overhydrate. I find that Nuun, juice, or some juicy fruit is enough to replenish lost electrolytes from exercising.

Runner’s World published a little guide on hot summer training. You can get a copy here.


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