Openhouse’s Pop-Up Night Market

20130630-212708.jpgI was so excited when I found out about Openhouse’s pop-up restaurant, Night Market, at the now defunct subway station, the Old Bowery Station. I love pop-up events and being able to attend one in an old subway station seemed really cool. We invited our friends to join us and we had a blast.

I love Openhouse Gallery, which hosts several novel and exciting events each year. In the past, I’ve gone to an indoor park, CNET’s pop-up holiday market, and an art gallery.

I was really impressed with how well organized Night Market was. Each ticket was $50 and there were four different seatings. Each seating was limited to 30 people, so it was never overly crowded nor did you have to wait in long lines. We attended the 7:15 seating.

20130630-212726.jpgThere were seven different food stands. With our ticket, we got a “tasting” from each food stand, two drinks, plus two wild cards, where you could get extras of the food stand(s) you liked the best. We were a bit worried that the tastings would be small, but the serving size was quite generous. We left absolutely stuffed. We had curry, noodles, spring rolls, empanadas, Asian-style hot dogs, and some ball-shaped dumplings stuffed with either shrimp, sausage, or potato. For dessert, there were ice cream sandwiches from Melt.

All of us were fans of Melt. The ice cream sandwiches were huge! Ben and I picked the peanut butter cookie with chocolate ice cream. They also had red velvet ice cream sandwiches, which were also delicious.

By the time we finished getting all of our tastings, we were all too full for the wild cards. We didn’t want to waste them. Then someone came up with the brilliant idea of getting the ice cream sandwiches and hurrying home before they melt. So Ben and I ended up with five ice cream sandwiches (one of our friends lives rather far, so he wouldn’t have been able to get the ice cream home before it melted). We’ve been doing our best to resist temptation and not eat all of them at once.

Go to their website and sign up for their mailing list to get information about their future events.

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